my life in iphone photos: round 21

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

a lovely bunch of coconuts / at the markets with nicole

sewing / australian flora 

my favourite shop, calico & ivy / my bicycle

from our day in berry

a new etsy find / magazine clippings my mom sent me 

the beach / making granola 

palm beach / strawberry cake 

a raw vegan feast in the sun yesterday / manly beach


  1. What stunning photos
    Looks like Summer is in full swing over there :)
    That looks like the cutest little shop ever & the strawberry cake looks devine!

  2. Gorgeous pics! Looks so summery.


  3. LOVE that tray! And the way you styled it! :)

  4. it makes happy that if the weather here will soon mean no more bike rides that at least the other half of the world is just starting up! love your photos.

  5. lovely snapshots! That vegan feast looks like such a fun time and I love making granola! I actually just made some over the weekend, pumpkin spice flavored for the fall :)

  6. raw vegan feast in the sun??? cocunuts? Strawberrycake! Amazing!
    I have been checking the weather for Sydney every day, it seems already beautiful. So excited.

  7. Oh what great pictures!! that little shop is ADORABLE Btw :)

  8. This makes me want some SUN!!! Send some over? :) x

  9. that bike of yours is pretty cool. i wish my town was more bicycle friendly. the strawberry cake looks delicious and reminds me that i haven't made or eaten one in a long time.


  10. Gorgeous photos. I am in love with your bike!

    <3 Melissa

  11. You always take the most gorgeous instagram shots. That picnic feast looks just beautiful!!!
    And really wanting to be at the beach right about now :)
    xo TJ


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