bump: 18 weeks

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dear baby,

You're 18 weeks old now, and I'm 99% sure that I can feel you move. That, or there's something very strange happening in my stomach... But no, it must be you. Even your dad has felt you. It took a few attempts, and more patience than he has, but yesterday morning while he rested his hand on my tummy and tried to coax you out, you gave him a bump. I can only describe it as simultaneously being the strangest and coolest feeling ever.

Last week we went to the south coast to visit friends. Alicia, who has a pretty good feeling for these kinds of things, thinks you're a boy too. Yesterday my mom sent a list of hilarious boys names including: Pascual, Wolgang (that's right, without the f), Adolfo, and Benito. Don't worry though - I promise we will not name you Adolfo.

I have my second midwife appointment tomorrow, which means I get to hear your little heart beating away. I hope you're doing well in there. Stay cozy and keep on cooking!


your mom, mum, mommy, mummy, mumma (I wonder what you're going to call me, you canadian aussie baby you)

p.s. your dad thinks it's totally weird that I just wrote you a letter, oh well


  1. Look at that gorgeous bump! You are one smokin' hot mama, Gaby!
    And I think it's totally beautiful that you wrote this letter <3

    We're always thinking of you, around these parts - hope your week is wonderful.

    Sar xx

  2. You look beautiful. This is such a sweet post! and not at all weird. Clearly your husband needs to spend more time in blog land ;)

  3. I love this! You look stunning. And those boys names are amazing. Haha.

  4. How adorable! Such sweet words and beautiful bump! My sister is 18 weeks too!

  5. I too wrote letters during my pregnancy. This letter is beautiful. You're beautiful.

    I would countdown the days until my midwife appointments just to hear the magic sound of our baby's heartbeat. It's the best noise ever. Xx

  6. I love this post! Your bump is adorable Gaby and I am definitely yearning for warmer days looking at you in that pretty sundress :)

    xo kelsey @ Time Stand Still

  7. Beautiful post, Gaby. What a wonderful time in your lives, congratulations! x

  8. Gaby! Hi!

    What a treat to discover your blog after reading your comment on mine earlier today. I clicked over and proceeded to read back through your last *year* of posts. Not stalkerish of me in the least bit, huh?

    Anyway, you are lovely! And having a baby. Oh my! Cannot wait to follow along on your adventures from here on out.


  9. My husband and I just decided on Wolfgang (with the "f"!) or Amadeus! Hahaha! Seriously. How many people do you know who are named Amadeus?!

  10. wow, it's so incredible to see you pregnant gaby, (don't think i'm weird), but getting to know you this past year and seeing your life stages...it's been such a cool thing to witness and now you have a beautiful creation inside of you and it's amazing! You look amazing:)

    xo (isn't when you first feel them move so so interesting...feels so awkward at first, but then you'll learn to love it)

  11. I love the letter!
    Your Mum is the funniest.
    If you need some good boy name inspiration I always found the Scandinavian names really great for boys.
    And I like Hippie names too, but not so sure if you could convince the Dad.
    What's on the Girls names list?
    (just in case!?)

  12. great bump and dress! you're looking wonderful and hope you're feeling it too!!

  13. sooooo exciting! plus, not weird at all ;)

  14. You look radiant.
    I envy you very much for that weather.


  15. Love that letter! And I want that weather (I woke up to -22 wind chill).

  16. Gaby, you are looking gorgeous... and that scenery, wow! I absolutely love this sweet little letter & I'm so happy to see you glowing and happy + starting a family of your own. You must be over-joyed. Martin and I hope to be in the same boat soon! ;) xo V

  17. You are so darling! I love your black apple doll. I feel so bad I made them as gifts and my own daughters don't even each have one :( I'll be making them some special ones soon. I'm your newest follower!



  18. That wind.... That bump...

    Squee! You look absolutely glowing. Aren't those little kicks the craziest, most amazing feelings? xx

  19. You make pregnancy look so natural and one with nature in these photos you are glowing


  20. Adorable! And yay for baby kicks. They are the best!

  21. goodness goodness this is adorable. you look beautiful in your pictures and seem so happy to be pregnant. love hearing about this adventure you're having!

  22. you look great. these are such beautiful pictures.

  23. It's so amazing when daddy can feel the baby moving too! Looking amazing, Gaby. Love that dress on you - perfect for a gorgeous mama like yourself.
    Ronnie xo

  24. i am gonna to adventure myself in maternity next year!!!i'm so excited... :)))

  25. how gorgeous are you...that bump looks like a baby girl to me. x


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