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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last week while my husband was away for work, I occupied all my free time with the making of this baby sleep sack. The pattern is from Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner, a book I've made so many projects from. This little sack is ace because it's lined with flannel so it's nice and cozy, and the patchwork looks pretty damn cute too. I made the patchwork front with fabric from Maze & Vale that I got at the Finders Keepers market. The fabric on the back is from Ikea, and the lining I got at Spotlight.

So, my thoughts on the project... It took forever! I actually thought I could have it done in a night, and instead, it took me a week to finish. There are a lot of steps (especially if you patchwork the front) and I found the instructions sometimes hard to follow.

If you do want to save some time, skip the patchwork front and use one piece instead. Or you can get that nifty fabric that looks like patchwork but isn't. If you do want to piece the front yourself, this tutorial is awesome. I also thought it strange that after so much work, you sew the velcro on right through all layers, leaving the seams visible from the front. Instead, I left the bottom open (you're supposed to baste it) and sewed the velcro to only the front lining. Looks much nicer. So there you go, let me know if you make one yourself!

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  1. sometimes the projects that take us longer are then more valued and appreciated! It is so sweet and divine - you've done a remarkable job...beautiful fabric choices. xx

  2. Love this! Wish I had the time and patience to make one...or two :)

  3. I can't even imagine how much work that took, I have yet to sew anything successfully. This is completely amazing- you should sell these!

  4. Oh Gaby this is so very beautiful! Your fabric choices are stunning!! And yay for you fixing the dodgy velcro issue. Would be so much lovelier. I had a look at all your past bubba goodies and they are all so unique and beautiful. Enjoy this magic, magic time. Yay to new life!!!! :) x

  5. wonderful!
    wish you a great christmas time.
    lovely greets
    and kisses
    maren anita

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    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  6. Hi there. I'm not sure that I've visited here before? It's lovely! I've just enjoyed spending a good chunk of time having a look around. I think our babies are due at about the same time.

    rachel xo

    ps looks like an amazing amount of work went into this sleep sack. well worth it for the gorgeous results!

  7. What a gorgeous sleeping bag, we had one for my son they are very handy, no kicking blankets off! I love the patchwork, it looks cosy.

  8. i hope you keep this forever, and i love how unique it is with the different fabrics :)

  9. this is so adorable!! you did such a good job on this, it turned out lovely! :) hope you are feeling wonderful!

  10. This is incredibly beautiful Gaby, you clever thing! x

  11. Love this! So much nicer than the ones I bought my babies. Sleep sacks are brilliant though, can't recommend them highly enough. x

  12. how adorable. it sounds like you're having so much fun waiting the arrival of baby :)

  13. such sweet fabric. ahh...your having a baby. x

  14. So sweet! Nice work. I loved sewing stuff for Gwyn when I was pregnant with her... =)

    Have a happy holiday!


  15. Wow, you are one crafty lady and talented sewer. Such a lucky baby!
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  16. I wanna make such thing but because of lack of time I think skipping some patchwork would be nice. thanks a lot for this post Gaby.
    ~ Herman Swan

  17. Wow. Amazing. I am in awe. Well done, Gaby!!!!
    Here's wishing you and your growing family a wonderful Christmas!
    Ronnie xo

  18. you are so crafty! i wish i had your skills. happy Christmas :)


  19. You are so talented! That is adorable!!


  20. adorable!!
    i'm so glad you found my blog yesterday because now i've found yours - it's my new favorite and i'm your newest follower.

    congratulations on the baby-to-be!! fun times await...

    xx sara

  21. OH WOW!!! This is so amazing!!


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