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Monday, January 7, 2013

So far, I've had a fairly cruisy pregnancy, for which I am so grateful. Nevertheless, I don't think growing a human is easy on anyone's body and I'm recognizing the need to take care of myself more and more. 

For the last few months I've been seeing my chiropractor once or twice a week, getting a massage about once a month, going to yoga whenever I can (and not beating myself up about it when I just can't be bothered to leave the house), and taking lots of naps. I even treated myself to a blissful facial at my friend's spa. And you know what? I feel better. Not quite the emotionally stable adult I once was, but getting there. I also think that by taking care of my body, I'm setting myself up for the best possible chance of having the natural birth that I'm planning, and being a good mom to my baby.

I wanted to write this because I think we could all use the reminder to take better care of ourselves and our bodies, pregnant or not. We seem to think that it's selfish or indulgent to have a nap, get a massage, or simply put our feet up for an hour. But it's not, we only have this one body so we may as well take care of it.

p.s. have you read the post 55 gentle ways to take care of yourself when you're busy busy busy? It's great!


  1. What a great reminder for us to allow ourselves the time we need to recharge, and not feel guilty about it!

  2. ohhh gaby, i love that you've posted this-- it's so true. this year, i really want to make sure i take better care of myself better. i think i need to book a remedial massage asap :)

    ps. so glad you're having a nice pregnancy, lucky girl x

  3. I may not be pregnant, but thank you for the reminder. :)

  4. I have 3kids, the youngest is 11weeks. My advice to new mums is always rest and look after yourselves.. Happy Mum makes a Happy relaxed baby :)

  5. a lovely reminder and so great that you are taking that time and the nana naps are always divine ... happy baby growing x

  6. I soo needed to read this. My body is also currently in the process of growing a baby, and naps have been my biggest thing lately. Up until just recently, I've felt so guilty taking them .. I look around the house and see things that need to be done, or feel guilty for being so tired when my daughter wants to play. But it's important to take a break and refresh our bodies. Thanks for the lovely reminder :)


  7. you are so right, I never had any massages when pregnant although I think I will try to next time round as it can take such a toll on your body! I went on maternity leave at 34 weeks which might seem quite early but I wanted to spend those last 6 weeks really taking care of myself and preparing myself for birth. I got SO tired in those last weeks and would just stay in bed all day watching box sets, my mum came up when i was 38 weeks and gently (ordered) me out of bed and we did yoga every morning and swimming every other day, I really think this got my energy back and helped me when the time came (a day early!) anyway this has ended up being a really long comment! thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I'm glad I have now find yours! xx

  8. i can't agree more with this! it's not being selfish, it's taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health. thanks for the reminder girl!

  9. I read your post earlier, and thought I'd come back and let you know that your thoughts served as inspiration for Sam and I to book ourselves in for a relaxing and rejuvenating couples massage next week - we may not be baking babies, but it was welcome reminder that it's not selfish to indulge ourselves.

    One of my non-resolution aims for this year is to take better care of my self, through better eating and lifestyle choices, and getting a massage every few weeks or indulging in a day of R&R is definitely on the cards.

    Thank you, Gaby!

    Sar xx

  10. Love this. I took a bubble bath in the middle of the day yesterday. =) It's important, especially when you're pregnant!


  11. You're absolutely right!
    I thank god everyday for my "perfect" body, it is truly a gift.
    That's what I have in mind when I exercise and eat healthy, suddenly it all becomes easy :)
    The Brazilian Way of Life

  12. it's so important - but especially during pregnancy.
    you're doin' it right!

    i had both my babies without any medication, totally naturally and i think taking good care of myself played a huge role in me being able to do that.

    and now, being a mama, taking good care of myself seems even more important - so i can be the mama i want to be.

    it's hard to find the time - especially these days - but it makes a world of difference when i feel like i'm taking care of myself, being productive/creative and not running myself ragged!

    stoked for you that you're soaking up this time and treating yourself well! xx sara

  13. Great post, Gaby :) and thank you for the reminder. I love that you are taking such good care of yourself!

  14. Well said! You are right, too often we feel guilty about resting. And you are growing a baby, which is exhausting, so you need to take care of yourself. Rest as much as you can now, because those first few months of motherhood are tough.

    Gillian x

  15. Totally agree. Self-care is so important to our state of mind, especially as mothers. I'm really glad you're doing it so well, definitely one of the best ways to prepare for baby's arrival!
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. I am really bad at taking naps, but they are sooo important!

  16. I totally believe that you would be feeling good, better by doing those sort of self care things gaby, they make a huge difference! Just like foods and aromatherapy and homeopathy, they all create a holistic/wholistic life.



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