today in Bondi

Friday, January 25, 2013

These 2 shots are for those of you who couldn't see the belly in my last bikini shots. C'mon people, it's huge!

 Today I visited Bondi (an area I hardly ever get to) with my friend and her 2 kids. I brought along my camera so I could get some shots of her with her kids; I love how perfectly they capture Christos' and Ziggy's personalities. Three-year old Ziggy unsure of the big, blue sea and 6 year old Christos diving right in (after I convinced him to join me).

The water felt so good that I could've stayed in all day if given the chance. I don't think there's a better feeling in the world than an ocean swim on a hot summer's day.

After the beach we headed to Gertrude & Alice, the most wonderful cafe/bookshop. We ate and I picked up two books I had been looking for, both used. Speaking of which, what's your favourite used bookshop? Even if you're not in Sydney, I'd love to hear.


  1. touch wood :) pretty and happy shots.
    you look beautiful :)

  2. Looks like such a lovely day at Bondi. I don't get there often either even though I work nearby. It's the parking!

    You look absolutely beautiful with your neat baby bump.

  3. You look fantastic! Love these summery, happy photos. Have a wonderful long weekend! xox

  4. I'm so jealous for that weather.

    Now, while I'm writing, it's snowing in my country.

    Your belly has a reasonable size. :P

  5. What a gorgeous day! You look beautiful! Ina May's guide to childbirth is amazing. My first natural birth didn't go as intervention-free as I hoped, but my second was the most peaceful beautiful calm birth - just like I visualised after reading Ina May's book xx

  6. that is a gorgeous bump, Gaby! Totally rocking it xo

  7. These photos are lovely and it looks like such a great day out. Glad you got the cooks you wanted and you're rocking that bump! :)

  8. you look so adorable! is it just me or have these months just been flying by?! i feel like you just announced you were pregnant haha.

    also, can the water be anymore blue and clear? such perfection. (as is the name of that cafe/bookshop).


  9. lol!
    The belly is definetely there, looking pretty and all!
    You're such a cute preggo lady :)
    xoxo, The Brazilian Way of Life

  10. A beautiful day, a beautiful bookshop (I love this one too) and a beautiful bump. x

  11. Love these portraits... it looks like such a fun day! And YOU! Your belly is magnificent! I agree it really is so fun to see everyone on this journey together...

    Have a great weekend! xo

  12. your bump looks entirely cute in your swimsuit :) happy beach time!

  13. beautiful day, beautiful family

    xo from Italy, xo from Lelli Family

  14. Such a fun time! The weather looks incredible. And Ziggy is such an adorable name!

    p.s. your button is on my blog :)

  15. Look at you gorgeous mama!
    Ronnie xo

  16. check out that bump!
    you look amazing.

  17. You look GORGEOUS. I wish we could hang out. I'll come to you... I could use a bit of that sun. ;)


  18. such a beautiful belly you got there! :)


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