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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Recent conversations between the husband and I:

husband (while I ate a sandwich in bed): You're getting crumbs all over the bread. [long pause] I mean bed, all over the BED!

a text from husband (at work): I forgot my pants. And my shoes... again.
me: Nailed it.

shopping for bed sheets...
husband: They're organic cotton... and free range....

another text from husband: Love you too. Even though you're a shit.
me: I am not.
him: Point proven

husband on romance: I'd like to be like my granddad and his 3rd wife.
me: Um, thanks.

lying in bed, slats give way under husband...
husband: Don't. Say. Anything.
note: husband, in his own words, has been in a good paddock over Christmas.*

husband on pregnancy: So the baby grows inside the placenta, right?
me: Um... not quite.

driving by a field when I spot a calf on its own...
me: Awwww, a baby cow! I wonder where its mother is...
husband: Probably off encapsulating her placenta.

Happy birthday husband! You crack me up. Every. Single. Day. I don't know what I'd do without you.

*a paddock is where you put livestock to fatten up


  1. this is too funny!
    happy b-day to him :)

  2. aww he sounds like a funny guy :)

  3. Haha you guys are cute. i love that when you are in love with someone you can be mean and funny and it's all kosher x

  4. Aw this was a cute post and brought a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. hahahahah gotta love the little quirks! happy birthday to your hubby!

  6. You guys are awesome... I enjoyed this! I should remember to actually write down the funny things that happen! (And happiest of birthdays to your love, I hope you had a wonderful time together) x

  7. haha very funny. I hope your husband had a great birthday!!

  8. haha so sweet. having a husband that can make you laugh is so great! it's one of my favorite things about my husband! happy birthday to yours! xo

  9. So many chuckles escaped my lips while reading these! Classics.

    Don't feel too bad husband, mine sat on one of the kid's slat bed the other day and went through too! And now neither girl lets daddy sit their bed :)

  10. hahaha,,
    he cracks me up too. point proven

  11. happy birthday to your funny man!

    I love these little sayings from him. if you can have somebody who makes you laugh, I think that's probably more important than almost anything.

  12. Hilarious! I should start writing down the convos between my hubs and I as well. Happy birthday to your love! xo

  13. Happy birthday to your hubby! I love these quotes. Your hubby sounds like one funny guy! :-)

  14. Haha. This all sounds so fresh to me. I hope your husband had a wonderful birthday full of lots of celebrations!

  15. Love this! One of the things I found most attractive about my husband when we met was his sense of humour, and he still cracks me up every day. Laughter is good for a relationship!

    Gillian x

  16. So funny!!! They really cheered me up reading them in my little lunch break.


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