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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It all started with vine, the new app I'm sure you've all heard of by now because it seemed to spread like wildfire. Curious, I immediately created an account and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing about it. I haven't posted anything, or checked out what other people are posting.

Vine got me thinking and I did a little inventory... I currently have 4 email addresses, 2 blogs (one's inactive), 1 website, 1 facebook page, 1 instagram account, 1 flickr account, 1 twitter account, 1 Vine account and 1 pinterest page. That's a lot. It's a lot to maintain - managing not only my own online activity, but also feeling like I'm keeping up with other peoples' social media.

A few days ago, a friend who is approaching the end of her pregnancy posted on her facebook page that until her baby is born, she'll be taking a facebook time out. Then a couple of nights ago my husband randomly announced that he would go internet free this February (with the exception of work).

This made me think about what I can do to manage my time more wisely. I'm not planning on going completely internet free, rather I think these events have led me to the conclusion that I want to be more careful with how I spend time on social media. For example, I took forever to get a twitter account and once I did, I never really got the hang of using it. I haven't tweeted in months. I just don't get it. Instagram, however, I love and use often. So perhaps I'll get rid of twitter, but keep instagram. Vine seems like just another thing to steal my time, so that may not make the cut. I also think that I'll deactivate my facebook account for a while around the time baby's due.

What social media do you love and what could you live without? Do you, like me, sometimes feel overwhelmed when new things crop up? How do you try to use your time wisely?

photo of me instagramming by Ellen Arthur


  1. I also got a twitter account but I never use it.. I just check it sometimes to see what people has written and that´s all :)

  2. a personal facebook page, a blog, twitter and pinterest
    I could easily give up twitter as I have not ever gotten the hang of it, I dont go on pinterest often but when I do I enjoy it x

    Im always miles behind everyone else and I dont think I will bother with vine,
    My social networking plate is full!

  3. I read a post on another blog about simplifying your life, and social media, and it's definitely been on my mind. I waste so much time online, and am hoping to get rid of a few accounts this month and make a time schedule for social media for work. Good luck with cutting back!

    (Also, I had no clue there was a third installment coming in the Before Sunrise and am behind excited!!!)

  4. you have no idea how much I relate with this, I'v been thinking the same for a while and sometimes I feel overwhelmed...I was also thinking about my privacy and how much I want to expose my family so I guess I'll try to take it easy....but I do love instagram too! :)

  5. What a great post! I, too, recently became a bit overwhelmed with the social media craze and ended up deleting my Instagram account, Pinterest account, and a ton of 'friends' from my Facebook account. It became way too much trying to keep everyone updated, as well as 'stay' updated with everyone else. Life is far too precious to spend our time online, involved in other people's lives. :)

    p.s. I am loving your new blog header ;) Hope you are doing well.

  6. i feel the same way! i find that i spend more time keeping up with other people on instagram and vine than actually posting things myself!

  7. I am hearing everything you are saying Gaby. Sometimes I wonder if I spend more time online than I do in the "real" world. I don't always like the expectation I put upon myself to keep up to date with all my "identities" as well as seeing what everyone else is up to. Good things to consider. I'm not going near Vine, too many things taking up my time as it is!

  8. This is such an interesting topic - and one that I've been thinking about recently too.
    The past couple of months I've begun feeling swamped by social media, and made the choice to end posting on 2 of my blogs, as I felt they'd run their course. I'm now beginning to think about deactivating my facebook page, as it robs me of time and I hardly post on it.

    I recently joined instagram, and love it, and I enjoy my personal blog, so they will stay - other than that I am happy to let go.

    I am striving to spend more time outdoors and with my family this year (and beyond) so doing away with unnecessary apps and such will do me good, I think!

    Thanks for spurring on some critical thinking! I hope you find the balance (and perhaps some peace and quiet) you're looking for

    Sar xx

  9. I did the same thing - signing up with Vine and not having checked back yet. Dont like the quality of the videos at all. And its getting too much, I see enough meals and pets and babies on instagram...
    That being said I love instagram, twitter so-so, facebook is only personal (not blog related) and pinterest / flickr I actually really enjoy but havent been active in a while... Trying the enjoy summer :)
    Hope you are doing fine!!
    Kristina x

  10. i am sort of overwhelmed just reading all of that. i say yay to simplifying. x

  11. I'm on facebook (personal account and blog page), tumblr, pinterest, chictopia, polyvore, instagram, google plus... that's alot...

    I'm not active on all of them... Instagram is my favorite.

  12. Gosh that is overwhelming when you bring in the numbers! There are so many social media networks out there to be a part of and engage in. I think it's important to choose a few that works the best for you and be an expert in them, instead of having so many of them and trying to balance all of them.

  13. I like IG, but I've barely used it in the last month. I like Twitter, but I've gone days without it, and clearly, survived. I don't post photo albums anymore, and all I do is scroll through my news feed. Honestly, I would have a lot more time in my life without all of it. I've decided that I should probably spend 30 minutes, at most, per day checking these three things (10 minute each). I feel like I can't delete the accounts, because I'll miss out of some important things. My dad says he feels left out sometimes, because people now treat social media as a formal means of sharing news like engagement, babies, moving, etc. He's right! It's how our world works now, unfortunately. In the end, I agree. Spend less time on social media. Spend more time on real life!

  14. I completely agree with you. Some days I feel way too connected and want to get rid of just about everything. I downloaded Vine but haven't done anything with it, and I've deactivated my facebook dozens of times but always come back to it even though I rarely post anything it's basically just a way to keep in contact with people like email. Ohhh social media.

  15. I have a LOT of sites because I run a business too. Personally I have two twitters, a Facebook page, an instagram and two blogs. I try and keep up to date with them as much as possible. I think if it weren't for the fact that I run my businesses Facebook page through my own, I would have deactivated it by now.

  16. It really does seem like it's never ending, doesn't it?! I am always hesitant whenever a new social media site like this pops up, but last week when I found out about Vine, my reaction was just 'no way'! :P Though it seems like it could be an interesting way to capture moments sometimes, I feel like it would be too overwhelming to add something else to keep up with. I never actually got the hang of using any of these every single day, but I do enjoy Tweeting and Instagramming once in a while, when it feels natural.

  17. this is a topic that definitely hits our generation. how do we stay in touch without staying online? very good question to ask ourselves.


  18. yah social media is crazy. i always hear about the rule of 3's...but at the end of the day i don't feel too bad if i'm not that active. i do what i want when i can but i don't stress if i'm not. it's always there when i come back!

  19. You know, the vine app did the same thing to me. I've posted a couple of videos on it but have been really questioning the space in my life that screen time takes up. It's hard when your work is intertwined online... what's good and what's not so great. I'm pretty much over facebook as an individual thing. I actually have been going through when I'm on and unscubscribing from EVERYONE that I haven't had a personal interaction with in the past two years. Now I don't have to see anything they say or do but I don't have to unfriend them. I don't see as many ads or promotions since I don't subscribe to many friends... only 20 maybe. Now I only see photos and updates from people I love and who love and support me. That has made such a huge difference. I also spring cleaned my twitter and instagram feeds. It all adds up to less time online or on my phone. I think I'll probably be deleting my vine app.


  20. Oh my goodness Gaby, I had a post just like this planned about a month ago, but have yet to publish it. Very very similar thoughts girl! I am with you.. I think my social media is getting to be a bit much to handle. I think I mostly keep up with personal facebook, pinterest, instagram, and my blog. I have twitter, but suck at it. I think the worst thing about facebook is feeling like you have to "like" something of someone's just because you saw it, and if I "like" someone else's photo and not the others, someone gets their feelings hurt and well, drama begins. I've receding from activity at all on fb to kind of help me take further steps back. I just think it is silly... I thought creating a blog would be the outlet, ,but it has its similar repercussions.
    Loving your post and glad it gave me some perspective again in the direction I am taking my life via social media.

  21. I feel the saaame way. Super overwhelming. I used to have a Twitter and a Facebook way back when (3 years ago?) but I deleted BOTH. A pioneer, I know ;) But honestly, living without a Facebook is so refreshing. I only need to worry about my life, and the lives of those in my immediate sphere. Why do I care when someone from my high school announces that they went grocery shopping? I don't. Facebook free is the way to be.

    I also went through a spell maybe a year ago when I was pretty blog addicted. But this was also the time when I had a boring desk job, so I guess it was a blessing at the time. As of right now, I peruse and comment on blogs when I get the chance, and I only really write on mine when the passion strikes. So liberating. What couldn't I do without? Pinterest. Man, what a god-send. I get so many amazing recipes from that place and my home looks pretty sweet thanks to all of those crafts. Gotta love it. Quasi-addicted to one out of like 50 isn't bad, right?

    Good for you guys though. I hope you both enjoy your fasting and feel so free and simple!

  22. It's weird- I am much more comfortable putting the details of my life on my blog (in much more detail) than I am with Facebook. I rarely update a status and never upload photos to Facebook anymore. I suppose because I know that family and friends who are seriously interested will read my blog rather than just spying, and starngers who read it usually have a blog themselves and "get it". Can't work Twitter. It seems as if you have to be on it hourly. Not even tempted to start up Vine...

  23. Totally feeling the same way recently. I also jumped on the vine bandwagon and posted a couple of videos on the same day I signed up, but haven't looked at it since. It's ok for a bit of fun, but I'm not using it as another social media app. I simply don't have the time or the energy! Less is more and quality over quantity - two phrases going round in my head a lot these days :)

  24. this is so timely.
    i recently removed facebook from my phone, thereby not using it anymore at all.
    i can't remember the last time i did anything other than just scroll and feel mindless and nosy!
    it feels good to unclutter.


  25. I'm with you. I have so many social media accounts and I really only care about blogging and facebook!! I must do without the rest!

  26. My thoughts:
    I agree completely. I give myself "computer time" because it is kind of my unwind from work. the only app i have on my phone is instagram and I just can't help it :) i love pictures! it also is my communication with friends far away - i opted not to open a vine account because i didn't want to find myself "wasting" time on that as well when I could be doing more productive things... I think you are wise and were I agree you don't have to give everything up, it is wise to be aware of how much time you are actually spending on the social medias.

  27. I did a declutter of all my online accounts at the end of last year and haven't looked back...
    Ronnie xo


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