Sunday, February 17, 2013

  • A typically Newtown building.
  • Photo shoot with Belinda, stay tuned...
  • The view in Manly. 
  • Organic blueberries - a major indulgence, given the price tag. 
  • And here begins the 3rd trimester. Holy crap.

    1. We have the most gorgeous city in the world don't you think! You're on the home stretch now... Have a lovely week Gaby :)

      Sophie xo

    2. gorgeous photos!
      and 3rd trimester already? where did the time go???

    3. Looks like a perfect pottering weekend. And organic blueberries for a pregnant Mumma sounds perfectly ok with me regardless of the price. Such a wonderful time for you...the excitement, the anticipation...the nesting. Beautiful :) x

    4. Looks like a lovely weekend. Congrats on getting to the third trimester. I bet you're super excited :)

    5. 3rd trimester! oh my! time really flies :)

    6. I love all the little pops of ocean blue in this collection! And can you believe it's the third trimester?! Where has the time gone! You look gorgeous, lady love x

    7. omg! I'm months away from being an AUNTIE!
      Miss you! XO

    8. Best wishes with the 3rd trimester and ooo I could so go for some blueberries!!! =)

      Ergo - Blog

    9. blueberries are totally worth it :) and wow, third already?! my my, time does fly....looking beautiful as always! :)


    10. Just stumbled on your blog, and I must say I'm quite find of it. :) You are at the same time making me wish I lived in Australia and that I was pregnant! Lovely images, and congrats in the little one!


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