Monday, March 4, 2013

Autumn arrived right on cue on Friday with stormy weather and cooler temperatures, which was perfect timing for the cooking party my friend and I had planned. We wanted to try out some recipes from My New Roots and from the whole foods course we're doing; we settled on the life changing loaf of bread, crispy cornmeal sweet potato fries, and some roast chickpeas.

We'd never made any of these before, and to be totally honest, each of the above had some 'issues.' I think though, that when you're learning a new way of cooking, buying food, and eating it just takes some patience and trial and error. For example, the fries were yummy but would've been better if we'd followed the recipe more closely. And next time I attempt the loaf of bread (gluten free! flour free! yeast free!) I'll make sure I have the exact quantities of everything needed, let it sit for longer and enjoy it as toast, as Sarah suggests.

That said, it was a really enjoyable morning of pottering around, making, and taking photos of Katie's cute kitchen. We already have plans to do it again in a few weeks with different recipes. I'll let you know how we go!

What's been happening in your kitchen lately?


  1. Sounds like a lovely time, despite each of the recipes have slight "issues", lol. I soo want to get into eating even more healthier than I already do, but don't know where to begin.

    I hope your weekend was great friend!

  2. My four year old daughter has been showing a great interest in the kitchen lately so we're doing a lot of cooking and baking! This bread looks amazing - I also had a peak over at Sarah's blog... It would be perfect for me to try as I'm always on the lookout for healthier alternatives and ones that you can make yourself. I'm hoping my daughter will pick up on these and learn and love a healthier way of life... Thanks for sharing.

    Sophie xo

  3. thats the frustrating thing about trying new recipes - trial and error! but now you know how to make it never time! i'm going to make some pistachio cupcakes, yum.

  4. Great links, Gaby. I've been looking for a few more good sites & great recipes to try - My New Roots looks perfect. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm off to try the life-changing loaf of bread!

    Sar xx

  5. is the photo that looks to be of bird feeders the bread? seriously though i'm mad about nuts and seeds i'd love to finds a good nuts and seeds heavy bread recipe. i've been making buckets of basil pesto, and not far off starting passata bottling. love cooking to stash!

  6. No cooking lately in our kitchen, we have been challenging ourselves to a juice fast! I miss food so much :( Love your pictures

  7. I have been wanting to cook the recipe from 'My new roots'. Can you come over and bake it with me? x

  8. it takes some getting used to, but it looks like the attempts were mostly a success! i've got to try that bread too, it just looks so interesting haha.


  9. You've gotten me so inspired to start eating right. Definitely the way to go and I'm sure your little baby will appreciate that too :)

  10. Ooh cooking parties are the best! There have been a few MNR recipes I've been meaning to try as well, though I always have terrible luck with new recipes. I guess that's the fun of it! :)

  11. ohh yum! i love sweet potato fries, sounds delish

  12. I think recipe issues are the story of my life these days - living in Paris is amazing, but one of the things we had to sacrifice was real kitchen; we're basically working with two burners and a microwave these days, and while it is surprising how many things you can make with these limited tools, it's also surprising how many oven baked things you never realised you ate! I dream of fresh basked cookies often :)

  13. Really? This is Autumn now??? I love it. I can still swim all the time.
    Sydney Autumn seems to be the best thing ever.
    In my kitchen, there are still a lot of Smoothies happening in my kitchen and stir fries.

  14. Thought of this blog post while I was eating a very very white store-bought bun at lunchtime. Your last post inspired me to watch the enjoyable "Safety Not Guaranteed" so I hope your blog continues to encourage me to do things that keep my mind, body and spirit healthy and sane!

    Miss you xo Ness

  15. It's pretty fascinating, but I really, really appreciate your side notes about your cooking adventures. Helps me be more aware as I attempt such things, too! I think your choices were perfect for fall!


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