a mobile for Clementine

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Today I finally got around to putting together Clementine's mobile. I was inspired by the beautiful mobiles that Made by Mosey makes, and I used fabric from my favourite, Maze & Vale. It's a little funky (though the husband thinks he can fix the lopsidedness tomorrow) but I think that just adds to the made-my-mum charm. Now I just need to find a place to hang it. For now Clementine sleeps in a bassinet that moves every day, so I need to find some kind of portable hanger. Any tips?


  1. Simply beautiful.
    I love the calm that watching a mobile brings. We have a handmade/homemade one above our bed...I could lay there for hours watching it.
    I'm sure however you hang it, Clemintine will adore this made-by-mum delight for many years to come.

    Sar xx

  2. its gorgeous, Gaby. and can i just say i love how much i can tell you love saying her name. it's beautiful...!

  3. oh my! this is adorable! I'm sure she will love it specially because it's made from her mama's heart

  4. What a beautiful gift for Clementine! It is so charming and beautiful!

  5. It's really delicate and very beautiful. I love the soft grey tones you chose. x

  6. stunning! so nice to see something natural, handmade and adorable adorning your babes room. Clementine will love it x

  7. The joy of watching mobile. I'm sure she will love it! xo xo
    - Vinnie

  8. So beautiful. I love the Mama made touch.

    For Cohen we had an attachment that hung the mobile over the side of the cot. You might find something at a baby shop? Or perhaps you could find one of those removable 3M kind of hooks that you could place in a couple of different places on the ceiling?

    Congratulations once again! xx

  9. This one is so sweet and way more put together looking than my paper one ;).


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