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Friday, June 21, 2013

One of the very first things the midwives taught us after Clementine was born was how to swaddle her using two hospital blankets. In fact, the first portrait I posted of her as part of the 52 project features tiny Clemmie, swaddled up like a burrito. We learned quickly that left with her limbs free, her startle reflex would wake her up as soon as she fell asleep. Not fun for her. Definitely not fun for us sleep deprived new parents.

The problem was that when we got home we could never quite replicate what they did at the hospital. In her sleep, our squirmy little one would break free and so I started researching other options. I figured that the solution was some kind of suit, so when Love to Dream contacted me and offered me one of their swaddles to review I jumped at the chance.

This Aussie company, founded by a mum of course, makes these suits which allow you to swaddle your baby with their arms up, for self soothing. And my favourite part - all you have to do is Zip. It. Up. So much easier than trying to negotiate two blankets and a wriggly baby at 3 am! And as a complete stripe-aholic, I also love this new design of theirs.

As I type this, the little one is fast asleep in our bed in her stripy swaddle. Sleep tight Clementine.


  1. amigad this is beyond cute!!!!

  2. baby straight jacket. brilliant hehe!

  3. She looks absolutely adorable in it!

  4. that is the sweetest thing! what a brilliant idea! :) hopefully you are able to rest a bit more now that she can sleep more soundly. happy weekend!


  5. This is genius! I've never seen a suit with the ability for their arms to go up like that. It's Alba's preferred sleep position (as I'm sure many other babies can agree). What a cool idea. And yay stripes!

  6. oh my! she looks adorable!
    this is a nice product! Lucas would've loved it! we used a swaddle blanket with velcro but he liked to sleep with his arms up like baby C....

  7. Oh, she looks so sweet!!!! I used these for my little one, and I just loved them so much! Highly recommend their transition suits (with the zip off arms) when she's ready for that stage, they work like a dream (hehe) : )

  8. Where can you get the striped ones? I have been using these also (saved my life) and am looking to buy more.


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