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Saturday, June 8, 2013

The sky yesterday was so beautiful. We went for a walk through the Waverley Cemetery and along the bluffs, but I couldn't stop taking photos. We were looking for whales - my mom is determined to see one before she goes - but they must've been hiding.

In the cemetery we strolled through the tombstones reading out our favourite names. My two picks: Estelle Isabel Tickle and Elsie Maude Winter. Those have to be two of the best surnames I've ever heard. Can you imagine going through life with the last name Tickle? I feel like it would put a smile on your face every time you said it out loud. It reminds me of a friend of mine, her maiden name was Button. Cutest ever. If you could pick a name, any name, what would you choose?

p.s. would you take your husband's name?
p.p.s. how did you choose your baby's name?


  1. I would take my husbands name if it sounds nice with my name ... I don't have a baby yet but I'm pretty sure I'd know the name throughout the whole pregnancy and then change my mind once I see my child, haha :D

    Doesn't happen very often that a person has a really nice surname, especially in Germany :(

    Hope your Mum gets to see a few whales before leaving!!!!


  2. Surreal atmosphere!
    You live in a awesome country!
    I'm italian and I can't tell you which surname I would like to have...!

  3. lovely photos!
    those names are so cool!
    I love the pic of your mom wearing Clementine...

  4. The whales haven't arrived yet here in Byron. Hope your mum can spot one. My mum's been up here for 5 years and she's never seen one. Only dolphins but they're still pretty special.
    Cutest surname I've heard, Butterworth... something so charming about it :)

  5. I absolutely love cemeteries. My partner thinks it's weird and won't come with me, but I can ramble for hours reading names and imaging peoples stories and thinking just how much love is in a cemetery. You know what I mean?!

  6. What a beautiful sky! That last name Tickle is the best ever. I bet everyone would try to tickle you all the time (that I wouldn't like so much myself!)

  7. I knew someone with Button as a last name too. I thought that's pretty cute. So great that your mom is here in Australia. I do hope she gets to see a whale - i hear there was a pod of them in Manly last week?

  8. Both lovely names. I can understand your pull towards old-fashioned names like these. I have been looking in to family names from this era and making a mental note for future children. There is an author Phyllis Tickle, who writes lovely things, but I can't help but giggle whenever I hear her name.

  9. What gorgeous images Gaby! i love a good surname...I took my husbands, and now that we have a family I'm glad I did, that we all have a family name. Our children's name were fun and enjoyable to choose. Our son has a strong one syllable name and with our daughter, I wanted a sweet name that she could grow up with and grow into. I know a girl at my son's school...her name is Pippa Wiggins. I just think it's the best name...I know she'll grow up and use that name for good use, like a creative children's author or something! xx


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