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Friday, July 5, 2013

Today I'm excited to share an easy makeup tutorial from my good friend Liv Lundelius, of the blog Liv+Dave. She's a talented makeup artist who, despite having only moved to Sydney 7 months ago, is already super busy with weddings and photo shoots galore. I've never been good with makeup (or hair) so I loved getting the chance to pick Liv's brain. Here are her steps for an everyday look...

1. Foundation - Liv used a buffing brush to apply foundation all over my face. I normally use mineral makeup, but Liv told me that mineral makeup does not photograph well. Good to know!

2. Concealer - Using a smal synthetic brush, she applied a slightly light reflecting concealer with good coverage under my eyes and to cover blemishes. She recommends Terry Touche Veloutée as a concealer that's good for both. Another tip: if you have blueish eye circles, salmony tones are good to hide these.

3. Highlight & contour - Here I'm holding up a brush so you can see the line Liv followed. She used a rose gold cream highlighter on me, applied with her fingertips. She applied it to my cheekbones, a little bit on the bridge of my nose, my cupid's bow, under the highest point of my brow and a tiny bit to the inner corners of my eyes. As for contouring, she says that most people are too heavy handed so go lightly. Using your ring finger or a contouring brush, you want to sculpt your cheekbones and enhance natural shadows by applying product under cheekbones and to the sides of your temples. Tip: While bronzers work for contouring, don't use a bronzer that's orange. Liv recommends Benefit hoola for light skin or NARS laguna

4. Eyes - Using a big fluffy brush, Liv applied a light gold shade all over. This kind of colour will suit most skin tones and will make you look less tired. She then used a slightly darker taupe colour just through the crease with a smaller brush and blended so there were no harsh lines. Finally, a swipe of mascara and eyeliner under my eyelashes finished the look. Tip: Make sure to tap the excess off your brush.

5. Blush - Here, Liv used a powder blush. She found the apple of my cheek and then blended upwards using a brush. I'm wearing Laura Mercier barely pink.

6. Lips - The last step! I usually just wear lip balm, but I have to admit that I looked a lot better with something slightly darker. Liv used a lip liner the colour of my lips to fill in my lips following the natural lip line. Then some lip balm finished the job.

All done! If you have any questions, ask away in the comments section and I'm sure Liv will be happy to answer you.


  1. Aw you look gorgeous, Gaby :)

  2. isn't Liv a gorgeous powerhouse! seeing you two "together" makes me smile. and you look great!

  3. You are a natural beauty, and I love Liv's light make-up touches!

  4. This was so much fun! I am actually receiving some emails with questions on products and techniques already and am replying to all! Feel free to ask in the comments here, I am happy to reply directly here as well, so that we can share the questions and answers! Thanks Gaby for having me! x

  5. Gaby you look gorgeous and like you're not really wearing any make-up at all, which I guess is the point! Liv is very talented. x

  6. I love this. You look beautiful. Now, for a sleep deprived mom, what does eye liner "under" the eye mean? Also, when you apply concealer under the eye do you put it the whole way under or dot and swipe? Thanks for the help!! Xx

    1. Hi Ashley,

      the eyeliner we applied was under the upper lash line, it's what is called a tightline. It's an "invisible" way of lining your eyes and giving them more definition, which suits any eye shape.
      You look down in the mirror and gently pull your eyelid up, using a soft eyeliner just along the root of the lashes from underneath.

      I will do a little tutorial on it shortly and will for sure let you know once it's up!

      Concealer: It's important to not use too much product, so dotting it on first and then patting and blending it into the skin is a good way to apply it. Make sure you cover the outer corner, which tends to get red when you are tired and really observe where you get the most darkness or where the skin sinks in, as everyone's bone structure is different.

      I hope this helps! Liv x

    2. Liv,
      Thanks so much for this. Will work on the tight line because I would love a simple but pretty eye routine. Do let me know when you do a tutorial!

      You are magic;) x ashley


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