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Thursday, July 25, 2013

This time next week we'll be on a flight to Canada. Clementine will be reunited with her grandmother, she will meet her grandpa and her uncle for the first time, I will see my childhood friends and we will experience the joy of a Canadian summer. The last time I was in Vancouver for the summer months was way back in 2007, way too long considering it's absolutely my favourite time of year (summer in Sydney, not so much).

In the lead up we busily tie up loose ends and make endless to do lists. It's stressful and sometimes I wonder how I will get everything done while taking care of C all day, but I'm trying not to worry. My husband has a few days off before we fly so between the two of us we should be able to get it all done.
So instead of worrying, I'm going to sit here this morning, drinking my big cup of tea and trawling the Anthropologie and Madewell websites. Oh I am so excited for some North American shopping!

Before I sign off for the weekend, pretty please, hit me with your best travelling-with-baby tips!

photos of my mom, Clementine in sling and I by my friend Sonja


  1. how exciting Gaby! enjoy it!
    I nursed Lucas during take off and landing and he didn't cried once (on 4 plane trips) if you are not nursing, the bottle or pacifier works too, is the sucking that prevents the ear pain...hope this helps :)
    have a nice safe trip!

  2. Don't have any tips for travelling with a bub but I am intensely envious of your North American shopping opportunity! Have fun!

  3. good luck on getting everything done, gaby!

  4. Yay, for good shopping indeed. Nothing like a little Anthro & Madewell... and yes, Vancouver summers are an absolute dream. Excited you'll be here. Hopefully this time will get the chance to do a little visit!! xo

  5. On the plane, I am pretty sure (from my own experience), that a relaxed Mum = relaxed baby. More or less. I hope, anyway! Fingers crossed for a smooth journey. And besides, the noise of the plane drowns out most of the screaming. Kellie xx

  6. PS I'm not sure any child could have been worse than Olive on the plane ride back from LA last year .... she sat on the back of the seat screaming blue murder for out cat, Pepper. PEPPEEERRRRR. PEPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEERRRRRRR. For about seven hours xx

  7. Exciting times ahead, lady!
    I can't speak from experience, but agree with Kellie - relax. More often than not people are understanding of little ones & their parent/s, & most are willing to help out if needed. (plus if they're anything like me, they'll enjoy holding a little one for 5 minutes so you can you for a pee!)

    Sar xx

  8. traveling with a baby is very easy, so don't worry! just nurse her during take off and landing and be relaxed (i agree with dear olive for my own experience as well!)
    ah... ask for the "flight baptism": it's a piece of paper that the capitain gives you with the coordinate of the first flight of your child. it's a nice memory for Clementine!

  9. Oh I'm so excited for you! It's such fun to introduce babe to old friends and favorite haunts :)

    As for air travel, I can't speak for international flights but Margot and I *have* lived through three long domestic (US) flights. I think you and Clementine will do just fine! She's young enough to be content to sit and sleep, lulled by the white noise of the plane and a handy boob. Make sure you wear her (wrap, sling) through security; drink plenty of water yourself as planes are dehydrating and you'll be nursing lots; bring a few nourishing snacks and extra changes of clothes for all (dipes for Clem). Oh, and stay relaxed, mama! You and your girl are on an important adventure- she's a baby and may fuss a bit from time to time, but so what? Others are generally understanding and if not, well, there's not much you can do other than meet your baby's needs. It's a short period of time comparatively, and people will have to manage.

    Bin voyage! xo

  10. How exciting, have a wonderful trip! It's the perfect time to travel with a baby - she is small and portable, and you don't need to worry about toys and food. My tip would be not to pack too much, you can always pick up things there (which then become souvenirs), and babies change and grow so fast at this age that things that are essential at the start of the trip might not be needed at the end. Having said that, do pack a couple of changes of clothes for the flight, including one for yourself (or at least a fresh t-shirt - nothing like being thrown up on at the start of a long haul flight - I speak from experience...) and some plastic bags for wet clothes. Have fun!
    When I've travelled with my children I've tried to pick up a picture book about or set in the cities we visit, and now they have a nice library of souvenir books. Some of them are from places they don't remember going to, but they still enjoy reading the stories and then seeing photos of themselves there.


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