in which clementine meets everyone

Saturday, August 17, 2013

One of the great joys of being here has been watching my friends and family meet Clementine. So far, she has met:

1. Mateo - my little brother, her uncle. He is hilarious with her; every time he's home when she is, he yells "selfie time!" and whips out his phone to take photos. The results are hysterical (this one is my favourite ever).

2. Abuela - Ok, so my mom has met Clementine already, but no one is happier to see her than she is!

3. Grandpa - my dad, her Canadian grandpa. It was pretty great to watch my dad sit and make funny noises for Clementine's amusement. She was quite taken with him.

4. Andrea - my friend from highschool. She gets 4 photos because C was so damn cute that day. Andrea's great with babies, the perfect aunt.

5. Rochelle - one of my mom's best friends, who I've always thought of as my aunt. Rochelle just adores Clementine and showered us with a bag filled with baby gifts!

6. Vanessa - we met way back when we were competitive gymnasts, and despite a rocky start, we became the best of friends. She's the person I originally travelled to Australia with, and the friend I was with when I first met my husband. Next year she's getting married and I'm a bridesmaid, can't wait!

7. Carol - Katrina's mom, and a close family friend. We've had two backyard meals at their house this week and it has been lovely.

8. Pierrette - one of my mom's oldest friends and another aunt like figure in my life. The first time she met Clementine, she was naked and peed all over Pierrette's skirt. Pierrette just laughed.

9. Katrina - my oldest friend. We met in kindergarten. It is just so great to watch people who I have known forever playing with my baby. It's the best.


  1. She's gorgeous, darlin. Love seeing all of your photos, as usual :)

  2. These are all lovely! The last is especially nice, it's such a lovely caught-moment shot.

  3. Oh Gaby what a gorgeous post. Such a beautiful, precious time.
    All our love xx

  4. What a little sweetheart. She is so alert for her age, Gaby! x

  5. Your little brother is almost (almost) as cute as Clementine :)
    Love these photos, thank you so much for sharing!
    She looks, as always, very, very precious!


  6. I'm sure it has been a magical experience introducing her to all your loved ones, Gaby. xx

  7. So special Gaby. Clementine is looking so adorable! Kellie xx

  8. all this photos are adorable and full of love, glad to see everyone happy! specially your mom, her expression on the photos melts my heart :)
    thanks for sharing this Gaby

  9. Her personality is just the sweetest thing, and such a beauty to boot! How amazing to share such a special joy to the world x

  10. her expressions are the most adorable things I've ever seen! she is so precious. must be an amazing thing to watch your family meet her. also that instagram you linked to? hilarious :) your brother should get into print work!

  11. It's so funny that she's pictured in so many different peoples' arms. What a joy to share a brand new baby with so many people... and to document it!


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