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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On the weekend we booked our flights to Colombia, which means that we have just under 3 weeks left in Vancouver. Upon realising this, I felt all in a panic, worried that we're running out of time. There are still so many things I want to do here in my hometown, not to mention the shorter trips we'll be taking to Whistler and the Gulf Islands.

As always, life with a baby forces me to slow down and re-prioritise. We have to balance our touristing and catch ups with a lot of time spent at home. Clementine is a relaxed and happy baby, but she's a distracted eater who doesn't breastfeed well in public. She's also not napping well in the stroller that we borrowed from a friend. So we aim to be home for most of her feeds and at least one long nap a day. I could and have let myself be frustrated by this, but I'm trying so hard to let go.

Thanks to my mom, my husband and I can nip out for short little jaunts while the baby sleeps. And my friends have been happy to come to us, which makes catching up a whole lot easier. My husband and I are also planning to sit down and write out a list of our must do's while on this side of the globe, and then prioritise from there.

But enough of my petty woes already! We've had a lovely few days, with a trip to Main St yesterday, a delicious lunch at Peaceful restaurant today, and tonight I plan to go to a yoga class. I can't complain about that!


  1. That first photograph is beautiful!

  2. I also find there's never enough time when I go home to Toronto for a visit, and I don't have a baby to factor into the mix!

  3. As a Colombian, I loved ALL your posts about Colombia (your tips were awesome!) and I'm very happy you're a fan. Your pics are beautiful and portray my native country in such a great light that they help bring a little piece of it to my casa in Utah (USA)--which is sweet b/c I haven't been back in almost 11 years. So thank you and I look forward to your trip! Yay :D!

    XO, Annie
    AKA The Ranting Latina :)

  4. Beautiful photographs and beautiful baby! It is difficult slowing down on vacation when there's so much to do. Both of my children have gotten sick after our vacations because they get so worn out. Just wait until she's older and you can see the amazement in her eyes at all the new and beautiful experiences she comes across. Even if you don't get to see everything you'd like, the joy in her eyes makes it all worthwhile!

  5. I have been noticing a lot of bloggers mention the need for balance these days - prioritizing and the need to regroup. Just know that from the outside looking in, it seems that you have it all together ALL the time :) Your pictures are absolutely perfect. I know it isn't always the case, but relish in the time with your family and you'll be good :)

  6. It is crazy trying to figure out how to prioritize with our babes! They definitely change things :) But I'm so glad I have my Mia to remind me to soak up every minute. Even though you don't have as much time to play tourist or see your friends, the time that you DO have you take full advantage of, no?


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