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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

 I used to be diligent about memory keeping. I printed out all of my photos, spent hours creating beautiful photo albums and scrapbooks, and even kept journals. I was especially careful to document my travels, and have the giant photo albums to prove it!

In the last 5 years that I've been living in Australia, I haven't printed a single photo. Not. One. I always said it was because I never knew where I'd be living in a year's time, and photo albums take up too much suitcase real estate. But having Clementine has finally given me the push I needed to start memory keeping again. I want her to be able to flip through family albums and see what she was doing as she grew up - what she looked like, who her friends were, where we travelled and what she liked to do.

I was torn between printing out photos and making albums, or creating photo books. As you can see, I went with the latter. I like that photo books are much less bulky than albums, and they look so nice and professional. I used Artifact Uprising, a great new site that makes all kinds of photo books and accessories. I went with the soft covers (because the hardcovers were out of my budget) and they are just lovely. Nice matte paper and a great size. The only problem is that for those of us outside of the US, the shipping cost is very expensive (as much as the book itself in some cases!).

I'm pleased as punch that I took the time to make these, and I even just finished making one with Vancouver photos. I think I'm finally back in the memory keeping rhythm and I'm determined to continue!

p.s. photos in the spreads above are from Gui Jorge and Belinda.
p.p.s. I would've shared other pages but they all have photos of my husband!


  1. So lovely! We made a photo book last year ... I always forget to order prints, and it was starting to make me feel bad. Like you, I opted for the book.

    Yours looks beautiful!! Love those maternity shots!

  2. so true Gaby! nothing like printed photos in frames and albums, the hard part is deciding which ones out of million baby pictures right!?

    your photo book looks great! it will be awesome for Clementine to have this precious memories

  3. These are so gorgeous Gaby! You've totally inspired me... US shipping IS a killer - I don't even want to say how much I've spent on getting Saltwaters and even our baby thankyou cards down under *shudder*

    I'm wondering if doing the whole get-it-shipped-to-a-friend-who-can-then-post-to-me could be worth my while...

  4. Very very special keepsakes. I had a Scoupon for a photo book and let it expire (side note- I've since stopped with Scoupon-like businesses in general) but I really should do it. Actually I'll make one for my wedding in 11 weeks (eek!) as we are doing it on the cheap and have a photographer who will give us all the photos on disk.

    Enjoy your albums.

  5. Such beautiful pictures and photobooks! Makes me wish I would have the patience to finally sit down and do some photo books myself!

    Great job! Will check the website now!

  6. I still haven't done my 2012 "52" books - shame on me! Regardless of AU's shipping costs I'm still going with them....haven;t fund any company that comes anywhere near their quality. Can't wait to see you when you get back! x

  7. Hi! Your photobooks look great. I'm making one for my brother's 21st and I think I'm going to go for the moleskine + milk book. They start at $39 and as they're a NZ company the shipping is very reasonable! Maybe check it out next time :)

  8. One day, I hope to see that handsome guy's face.

    And LOVE the photo book idea.

  9. There is nothing I enjoy more about going home to my parents' place than going to the cupboard full of photo albums my Mum made when we were younger.

    We have an album with pictures of the night my parents got to know each other, pictures of their first holiday together, their engagement party, wedding, my birth .. my sister's birth .. our childhood, holidays with grandma and grandpa .. us living in Portugal .. but then, from 2000 on - which is when we moved in Nigeria and my Dad bought his first Digital Camera - there are only CDs with pictures on them or some boxes with a big mess of printed photos in them. I feel so sad about that. I am happy that my Mum had the time to make the albums of our childhood, but really sad we still didn't get to have Nigeria photo books printed. I need to do that. Now.

    Oh .. I started rambling there.

    Well anyway what I wanted to say is little sweet Clementine will one day be very happy about these books - happier than you. Because whereas you will always remember bits of that time now - she probably won't remember a single thing. And the pictures will be everything she'll have and know about her early childhood.

  10. Oh these are lovely! I'm so bad about making scrapbooking. I always get started and never finish! I made it a goal to get our wedding album printed within the next few months though! I'm thinking I might go with Artifact because I love the way your books turned out!

  11. Ohh this is gorgeous! It's such a shame that hardly anyone prints their photos anymore. My favourite part of my childhood was having all the pictures I have now and the memories. It's so fun to discover old photos.


  12. i've been meaning to start a photo book using artifact uprising and i just haven't been able to get around it! yours turned out wonderful! beautiful pictures! came by way of under lock and key! enjoyed your tips!

  13. Beautiful. Love Artifact Uprising and love your style - amazing!


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