the pacific northwest

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Last week we escaped to the Gulf Islands for one night. Between the ferries, endless hours of waiting and the bad weather, it didn't feel like much of an escape. When we got there the sky was dark and the rain was bucketing down. I was reminded though, that there is beauty in grey, green and dark blue. The colours of the pacific northwest.

It got me wondering if I can picture myself living in this part of the world again. I've gotten used to the saturated colours of Australia, and to seeing the sun for most of the year. It will be hard to give up, but the answer is yes. Someday, we want to move back here.


  1. These photos are lovely, Gaby! And I must say, I really love being out in nature even when it's raining - it's still so pretty and the air is amazing! Oooh, and moving to Vancouver. Yay!!

    By The Shore

  2. There is definitely beauty in those colours if we go by your photos!

  3. i've never been out west, but i think it would suit me perfectly. lovely photos, gaby.

  4. That puppy! So adorable. I also love your mossy shot.

  5. Beautiful! We're relatively new transplants to the PNW, and man, I don't think I could ever leave. We travel quite a bit, but it always feels nice to come back to the cozy colors/mood of Oregon.

  6. The PNW looks so lovely! I think I could live there.


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