5 month Clementine

Monday, October 14, 2013

Our Clementine turned 5 months old last week. My husband says that even though he's always loved her, he loves her even more now that her personality is showing more and more. She is a funny little cherub, that's for sure. While we were travelling, people would always remark on how happy and friendly she is. She smiles at everyone, will let anyone hold her and just generally makes herself loved wherever she goes.

In this last month she's become way more dexterous. She's playing with toys, and grabbing everything she can to bring to her mouth for a taste. This sometimes includes our faces, which she likes to grab affectionately. It also includes her books, which I am always trying to read to her and she is always trying to eat. She's also rolling like a pro. She's been rolling for a while but she's totally mastered it over the last fortnight. In fact, she won't stay put now!

Over the last few days we've started the solids adventure. I would have liked to wait longer, but being the wee babe that she is, we've been encouraged to push the solid food to get her weight up. Clementine has tried runny egg yolk, mashed avocado and homemade applesauce (all mixed with a little breast milk). So far, she only likes the egg yolk. But watching her facial expressions as she tries a new food is absolutely priceless. We love her so!


  1. Oh she is delicious! Love those colours as well, they seem so alive. Have loved stumbling across your blog and reading of your latest adventures; you've reignited my wanderlust! Cass x

  2. What a divine little human being you are raising, Gaby. She is perfection!

  3. What a teeny tiny little cutie pie. Her little personality really comes across in all your photos. Love that I've found your blog!

  4. lovely pictures! she does look very happy all the time

  5. Oh Bless Her! She is so adorable! Isn't it gorgeous once they come into their own :) Enjoy your darling days with Clementine...

    Sophie xo

    P.S. Am loving her jumpsuit to bits!

  6. Wow, five months old already! Clementine certainly is adorable, and her personality shines through even in your photographs. Just gorgeous :)

  7. Well this made my first smile of the week :) Thank you for sharing!
    Her little suit is so so cute haha!

    Lots of love from Germany

  8. She is scrumptious! How big has she got, Gaby! Love that outfit. Of course she's a happy bubba! You exude a beautiful aura that I'm sure she picks up. How do you go about giving her those egg yolks?


    P.S. Hope she's sleeping better!

  9. 5 months! Wasn't she just born?! It just gets better and better you know mama :)

  10. How gorgeous! Love her little dress. Hope she gets to try more yummy food that she likes and fatten up quickly. I bet she's a ton of fun now that she can roll and hold things and interact.

    PS: I would LOVE to meet up with you and Clementine. Just let me build up my confidence going out first. Will be in touch when I'm ready x

  11. Oh my goodness could she be any cuter! LOVE her outfit. What a little sweetheart. You take beautiful photos Gaby!

  12. What a sweetie. I love the rolling series. Is she sitting up on her own? She's amazing. Love to you girls.



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