Tuesday, October 8, 2013

To be completely honest, I haven't been adjusting back to life in Australia very well. I'm much more homesick that I normally am when I get back to Sydney. I had such a wonderful time in Vancouver, and I guess I just wasn't ready to leave.

While we were away, I got used to having my husband home with me. My mom was also around to help whenever she wasn't at work, and between the 3 of us, taking care of a baby was made oh so much easier! I didn't have to cook any meals or do any laundry, and in the morning, someone would take Clemmie so I could sleep in (until 7 or 8 am, my new idea of a sleep in). The day after we got back to Sydney, my husband went to work. It was such a shock to spend the whole (long) day alone with Clementine and to have to cook and clean too.

The other struggle has been that we're all jet lagged, Clementine especially. She's been waking up at 3 or 4 am, ready to party. So I'm operating with an even greater level of fatigue than before, and it's making me most unproductive. The suitcases remained on the floor for a good 5 days before I could get to them, and even now, half of their contents are just strewn around the apartment.

Sorry for the whinge; I just had to get that off my chest. And it's really not so bad. It has been quite nice to sleep in my bed and see my friends here, and people (my in laws especially) have been very helpful to me as we get back in the swing of things. I'm sure I'll start to feel better as the jet lag eases, and in the meantime, I'll enjoy the beautiful summery weather that we're having.


  1. It's always so hard to go back especially when you are visiting a place that feels like home. I had a horrible case of that our first trip home this summer. On our last day, we were driving to dinner and I just began sobbing in the car.
    I think it's ok to feel that way because it's a place your heart is connected to so you're always going to feel like a piece of your heart is missing when you're away.
    But luckily you have that sweet Clementine to wake up to. xo

  2. I hear you Gaby! having extra hands to help with the baby is the best, specially family....hope you adjust soon

  3. Go gentle on yourself lovely Gaby. You've had a whirlwind of travel and emotion over the last while and it will take time to find balance again. Do the bare mimimum and then rest. Fresh fish cooked in foil in the oven with butter and lemon and a simple salad for dinner with low effort. Take some time to readjust and nourish yourself. Wishing you calm and slow days lovely :) xx

  4. Oh, lady. A baby waking up at 3am is no good for anyone! Hope the jetlag passes soon and you start to feel better about being home. Kellie xx

  5. Chin up beautiful lady! I hope the jetlag will go away very soon! That horrible homesickness feeling is just the takes time, but I am sure once you get back in the swing of things and enjoy the beautiful Sydney weather and do all the things you love, that horrible feeling will fade away.. Sending you and Clementine lots of love :) (by the way I am moving to Sydney end of January!! so very excited!) xx

  6. Don't worry.. I feel like that every day and I don't have jet lag or a brand new baby! I'm sure things will settle back into a routine soon! I think as long as the baby has clean clothes and there is something for dinner the rest can wait till after a sleep! (Well, thats what I tell myself!) Xx

  7. Oh, I hope you are adjusting to being home, and I hope the jet lag soon passes. Try to rest as much as possible, and accept help whenever it's offered. It's not easy staying home with a little one all day.

  8. As one expat parent to another your feelings are very valid. Because care and services are so dear in Sydney it makes you feel sometimes like you get trapped just trying to make par with cleaning, not spending money, and trying to keep the baby on a peaceful schedule. My biggest tools are going for daily walks, yoga, having something green growing or flowering in the house and to craft during any spare minute. Having little things for yourself is key. I use to take Community college classes for a mommy free night. That's how I learned to make beads. Now that I have moved back to the states at times I do miss living in Sydney, yet I realized how much I missed my family and having some outdoors space. I've planted blueberry bushes, a banana tree and even have a ten foot long pumpkin vine that I grew from a seed. I'm still longing for the yoga studios, art and farmer markets and most of all my Sydney friends. If I could be an international snowbird I think that would help. Many blessing on your journey Gaby


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