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Thursday, October 3, 2013

We are home from our whirlwind adventure abroad. Over two months we visited two continents, 3 cities, 1 island, and 3 towns. We caught up with old friends, introduced Clementine to nearly all of her extended family, and had some precious family time while my husband didn't have to go to work. It was marvellous, but it was also exhausting. By the time we got in on Sunday I felt like hibernating for a week.

You already know all about Canada, so today I bring you Colombia. Part 1. The above photos are from our brief time spent in Bogota, which is where my family lives. On our drive home from the airport, I immediately remembered what always astounds me about this city - the traffic! So much traffic. And so many roads with no lanes at all; however many cars fit, that's how many lanes there are. Occasionally you'll even see a horse drawn cart on the freeway, quite a sight for this Canadian.

Mostly we hung out with my aunts, uncles, cousins and my 95 year old abuelo. But we also enjoyed some shopping, lunch at the Bogota Beer Company, eating my weight in areas and the views from a penthouse apartment overlooking Bogota. An absolutely massive city, it was amazing to get a bird's eye view of it.

For our last weekend in Colombia, we ventured to Choachi, a funny little town an hour from downtown Bogota. My husband said it was exactly how he imagined Colombia to be - tropical, warm and lush. We stayed at an amazing house, surrounded by coffee plants and banana trees.

One of the days we were there we went for a walk along the river. Where the white river and the black river meet there's a tiny town called La Union. It was a Sunday so most of the town was at church, and while we sat in the shade enjoying our popsicles we could hear them singing hymns. A guy rode down the main street on horseback and a stray dog followed us; it felt like a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel and it reminded me why I love this country.


  1. I'm just loving these larger photos + wow, what an incredible two months you guys have had. I feel SO happy to have met up with you while your were here. Yay, can't wait to do it again!!!

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

  2. Beautiful! We bid Bogota high when we were picking where we wanted to live. We ended up getting Manila but will bid Bogota again if we can next time!

  3. What a beautiful country! I don't know much about Columbia, so it's nice to see it come alive on the page. Your photos of it are stunning. And I love the one of you holding Clementine above you--pure love right there :)

  4. beautiful photos! it's always nice to catch up with family....but exhausting too right!? hehehe

  5. Gaby once again these photos are gorgeous!

  6. Looks wonderful, Gaby. Clementine is having such great fun with everyone!

    PS: Win yourself an Urban Rituelle's stretch mark cream on my blog today:

  7. Loving the new format, your photos look great!

    There is something about Bogota that intrigues me, glad you shared these photos. Looking forward to part two!

  8. Toooooo much amazing food and adorable cuteness in one post :D she is growing too fast! every time you upload pictures of her she looks a little older waaah! I feel like I'm missing out haha!

    Lots of love!


  9. Beautiful photos Gaby! Thanks for sharing your travels.

  10. Awesome photos, G. Also, can I just say how cute you look!

  11. I've always wanted to go to Colombia! Lovely photos x


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