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Friday, October 25, 2013

After three weeks back in Sydney, I feel like we're finally finding our groove. As I mentioned in this post, I found it really hard to adjust to spending my days alone after having so much help for 2 months. As always, the biggest challenge for me is learning to cope without much sleep. But I think we're getting there.

Our days are punctuated with friends and coffee, evening strolls and lots of sunshine. In the morning we play, and I eat my big bowl of oatmeal (good for breastfeeding mums) with a cup of tea. I take advantage of Clementine's first nap to shower, get dressed and tidy. Usually sometime mid morning we meet friends for coffee in our neighbourhood. Spending time with my friends really does keep me sane and I'm so grateful to have such a great community nearby. I don't know what I'd do without them.

By lunchtime we're back home for Clementine's longest nap. I almost always curl up with her and hope for sleep. Sometimes I get a good nap, sometimes it's just a rest but either way I think it's an essential part of my day. In the afternoon we might go to the shops, run an errand or just hang out at home. Then it's off for a stroll to get the little one to nap again. I've come to cherish these early evening walks of ours as a beautiful, grounding part of my day.

In the evening, my husband gets home and gives Clementine her dinner (two egg yolks) and a bath. She adores the bath and could happily spend half an hour splashing around. Getting her to sleep takes quite a while, so by the time she's finally down I'm ready for bed myself! My husband and I eat together and I crawl into bed by 9 pm.

On the days where I teach yoga or my husband works late, our rhythm does get thrown out of whack a bit, but for the most part, this is how we spend our time. I'm learning that slow and simple is best - that doing one thing a day is more than enough. My house is never perfectly clean or tidy, and dinner doesn't always get made but I'm practicing the art of letting go. Everyday I remind myself: close enough is good enough.


  1. my favourite kind of art hehe ;)
    how do you prepare your oatmeal??

  2. Letting go has to be the most immediate way to feel good when you're drowning in tasks.
    No judgement here.
    I've found lately that jotting down my three Most Important Tasks (MITs, check out the zen habits post on this) helps me tremendously to feel better about letting everything else go. Sometimes my MIT's are things like "1. Empty Dishwasher, 2. Check emails, 3. Pay Rent. Other days I feel like I can handle more. But if I get my MIT's done, the day feels like a success.

    Anyways, I'm looking forward to mango season here in WA. Mango, oatmeal and honey is the breakfast of champions!

  3. I love my daily walks with Alex too, except we tend to go in the mornings when it's cooler. I have yet to venture out to the shops but next week I will as I got the all clear to drive!

  4. walks are my sanity too. and the 6pm handover! x

  5. Close enough is good enough - I'm going to have to remember that.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful schedule to me. Ours looks very similar around these parts. And letting go is definitely the key. I had to set aside some of my perfectionism. And I would say it has been for the best! :)

  7. Well said Gaby! I think the art of "letting go" has been the most challenging for me, as a new mum... Im slowly learning to take a step back and enjoy the precious time with my teeny babe x

  8. Slow and simple, yes, nothing better than those days. How delightful :)


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