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Friday, November 1, 2013

It seems that Clementine has forgotten how to sleep, and I am tired. Too tired for a cohesive post, so instead, here are some random things on my mind:
  • I am loving this cooler weather we're having. It actually feels like spring.
  • Tomorrow I'm going to see Dan Savage speak as part of the festival of dangerous ideas. I'm so excited!
  • For some reason, I'm just itching to knit. I have my eye on this project.
  • I'm dying to see this movie. What can I say? I'm a sucker for an English rom com.
  • I'm so glad that Homeland is back on. I'm kind of obsessed.
  • If I ever make it back in to the kitchen, I'm making this cake.
  • We're back on the cloth nappy wagon, at least part time. We borrowed some different brands to see which we like best.
  • This week I've been enjoying fresh kale from my friend's garden in my green smoothies. A bit more intense than baby spinach, but I like it. 
  • I really (really) don't need another cookbook, but I want this one. I really do.
  • I've been enjoying this blog. Her photos are so inspiring.
  • I'm lusting after this dress. Too bad it's not breastfeeding friendly. Not even a little.
  • After years of experimenting with every natural deodorant brand under the sun, this video had me laughing until I cried.
  • I'm daydreaming about future travel plans. Next year we're heading back to Vancouver for the summer, and we're thinking of side trips. Nashville and New York have both been discussed...
  • Yesterday I went to the local greengrocer to buy myself flowers. I paid, and then promptly left them on the counter and went home. Today I went back, on the offchance that they would remember me. They did, and instead of giving me the one bouquet I forgot, they gave me two. Made my day.


  1. oh i miss cooler weather. it's like 38 celcius degrees here everyday.

  2. Oh gaby I hope you get some rest soon... I always love when people post these kind of random thought posts in point form... Feels kind of like we really get into your head... In a non creepy sort of way of course! Happy weekend xx

  3. Have just found my favourite natural deodorant yet and it's made locally!

    When my babies didn't sleep I practiced "letting go" of the hope that they would. I just accepted that it was a stage and that it would pass. If I didn't get stressed about the lack of sleep I found I immediately had more energy. It's difficult to maintain that mindset but I promise, it helps! x

    1. What she said! ^

      Mason is not sleeping at all through the day and I recently decided that I would just lay with him whenever he got grizzly, pop my boob in. He would nurse to calm himself down and the moment I decided that I wasn't laying down just to get him to sleep, I realised I wasn't fussed by it anymore. It's hard and super tiring I know, but it honestly helped once I realised I was going about it the wrong way. Sending lots of love! x

    2. PS I totally want that cookbook as well!

  4. I want The Kinfolk Table too! My sister has it and it is BEAUTIFUL.

    Also, that dress? Perfection.

  5. Fingers crossed Clementine learns to appreciate her sleep soon! You deserve too bouquets of flowers! x

  6. That dress is gorgeous...shame it's not breastfeeding friendly. I have been wondering when I'll ever go back to wearing regular clothes again. Hope Clementine starts to sleep well again so you can get some sleep too x

  7. Love this list! The florist thing is awesome! Love great people


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