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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I first discovered the magic of baby wearing when Clementine was 4 days old. We were home from the hospital, and while I was delighted to be holding my daughter in my arms, there was a part of me that missed having her on the inside. That morning, I tucked her into my first Sakura Bloom slingthe pure linen slingand watched as she quickly fell asleep and stayed asleep for three whole hours. Holding her tight for those hours gave me that feeling of closeness that I was missing, and I delighted in feeling her warm sleeping body against my chest as we got to know each other.

Seven months later, it's rare that she will snuggle into me and sleep. More often than not, she's crawling around while I chase her. But she still loves to be in her sling, where I cuddle her while we walk. While we do, I ponder all kinds of things, like who she will be when she grows up. For such a little person, she has already been exposed to many cultures and languages. Her mum is Canadian. Her dad is Australian. She has one Canadian grandparent, one Colombian and two Australian. Her great grandparents are Colombian, Canadian, Australian, British and Kiwi. For now we live in Sydney, but eventually, we'd like to live in Vancouver again. And who knows what will happen in between?

What matters to me is that she grows up knowing all of the different backgrounds that make up her story. I hope that she knows that she has more than one home, more than one family, more than one language. I hope that she feels, as I do, that home is where we make it. As the song goes, home is wherever I'm with you

I'm thrilled to be included in a group of 17 other mums and dads, documenting the art of babywearing for the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries, vol iv. 

I wear Clementine in the essential silk sling in bittersweet-raspberry.

Many thanks to the beautiful and multi-talented Jodi, who took these photos early one morning.


  1. Gorgeous photos! How fun having family from all around the world. Clementine looks as sweet as ever :)

  2. Looks like she loves it up there, close to you. So observant and curious.
    I'm so looking forward to following your SBSD journey, Gaby.

    Sar xx

  3. Such wonderful moments captured here. Moments she will treasure when she's older. Moments you will hold close to you.

    Beautiful words Gaby as always.

  4. Just divine - such beauties you are!

    (and gorgeous, gorgeous photos Jodi) x

  5. Beautiful pictures!! Really love them! x

  6. My goodness, it feels like every time I stop by your blog, so much has changed! I think you were still pregnant last time I came by and now Clementine is looking like a big girl already. And you are such a lovely mum, you look just perfectly natural and at peace in these shots :)

  7. Pure perfection Gaby. We toy with the idea of moving "home" again one day. It is hard sometimes to know just where that is. Xx

  8. I love this post! Beautiful words and photos, and so nice to see Jodi's work popping up in The Sling Diaries! XO

  9. So beautiful! And you have the most perfect skin!

  10. Well these photos are just breathtaking, Gaby! Clementine looks so perfectly content in all of them... and I'm thrilled you'll be moving back to Vancouver. I vote on photography dates!!

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

  11. Pretty Mama, Happy Baby! And talented photographer = Amazing photos!

  12. Just beautiful, Gaby. Still can't get over your beach weather! PS- amazing sling choice! I nearly went with the bittersweet/raspberry combo but ended up just doing the bittersweet... you two look absolutely lovely in it! :D

  13. So so gorgeous. I just love her expressions and the soul in her eyes. She's such a beauty... just like her momma. So jealous that you have talented photographers as friends. My picture taking skills with self-timer are really just wretched.



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