8 month Clementine

Monday, January 20, 2014

Clementine wears this dress c/o Joules

Our little chica is 8 months old, and while this update is a bit late, I figure better late than never, right? So, today I bring you an exhaustive list of 8 month old Clementine's likes and dislikes…

Clementine likes:
  • dawn
  • standing on everything and everyone
  • strangers
  • getting chased around the apartment by her dad
  • waving
  • drinking water out of glasses (but not sippy cups!)
  • crawling quickly
  • cheese
  • "helping" me hold things
  • pulling things off shelves
  • keys!
  • dancing to music
  • watching videos of herself
  • giggling
  • other babies and kids (who she tries to pash)
  • feeding herself
  • toothbrushes
  • hitting her dad until he wakes up
  • being naked
  • yelling
  • looking at someone, then cocking her head to the side and looking again (and again)
  • breastfeeding
  • standing in the bath (at least her ankles are getting really, really clean)
Clementine dislikes:
  • going to sleep
  • having her nappy changed
  • getting dressed or undressed 
  • long car rides
  • when her horrid parents take things out of her mouth (like paper, or leaves)
  • eating
  • swimming in the ocean
  • hot weather


  1. She looks like a very happy baby.

  2. Such joy! Happy 8 months to beautiful Clem!

  3. lovely! Lucas loves watching videos of himself too hehe

  4. She is just precious. That first picture kills me. And I love the name! My little niece's middle name is Clementine. :) And I'm with Clementine on the hot weather...

  5. Those expressions are just so gorgeous! Love the chubby fingers and toes...

  6. Hahaha this kid. She just cracks me up! Mason loves pashing her too..... Pash, pash, pash! x

  7. What a GREAT name! I wish I could get so creative with names...but we've stuck to J's and it's hard!

  8. WOW, 8 months already! Time flies, she is such a cutie pie and seems to do so well!


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