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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This week, I am…
  • lying down whenever I get the chance; chasing after the world's most active 8 month old is full on
  • thinking that homemade iced tea really is one of the nicest things to drink on a hot day
  • watching The Newsroom, season 1, with my husband
  • reading French books to Clementine and pondering whether to teach her Spanish or French and how to go about either?
  • cooking a lot, and I'm so glad
  • enjoying this talented lady's 52 project
  • deciding whether or not to continue posting my own 52 project here, and leaning towards not
  • re-reading some L.M. Montgomery (I love her)
  • continuing to hope that my dad finds Scout, doing everything I can to help his search but also coming to terms with the fact that it's not looking good
  • seeking inspiration for a newborn shoot I will be doing soon, thank you pinterest
  • longing for these shoes but knowing that I really don't need more sandals!
  • growing out my short-lived bangs and wishing my hair didn't end up in a messy bun. every. single. day.
  • wanting to make this toque for Clementine
  • dreaming of visiting Copenhagen and Stockholm, it can't be that hard to travel with a toddler, can it? (ha)


  1. Did you know my sister in law, Sarah, runs a French playgroup for babies in Rozelle? Bonjour Babies - look them up on facebook (or I can email you her number) it's a fun, early education programme to expose babies to language (I take O to the bonjour big kids class - it's great!). Kellie xx

  2. Oh I feel ya! Chasing after an active 8 month of is exhausting!

  3. you deserve the lying down. definitely teach her both, spanish and french.

  4. My dad lived in Copenhagen for a while so I've been a few times. It's an amazing city, think you'd love it!

  5. My husband and I just finished Season 2 of Newsroom - we're still undecided about it.

    I took a couple of classes regarding language development in kids - I remember seeing something about parents teaching/keeping up other languages with children and they said that it's best to schedule in languages. For example, every morning you speak only Spanish to Clementine. Or, when Dad is home we speak English because that's his language and we speak French when alone with Mom because that's her language… something along those lines. I hear a lot about it in the expat lane as parents find their kids progressing in the language of the culture they're living in but losing their 'native languages.' It actually has to become a conscious decision as to what language to speak when to make sure the kids are fully exposed to all.

  6. You know French and Spanish? How lovely! I'm jealous!

    My hair ends up in a messy bun every single day....and I don't even have the excuse of growing out my bangs. :/

  7. How exciting that you're at this stage of teaching languages. Where has that wee babe gone!
    I wish my parents had continued teaching me Spanish..."Hablo un poco de español" ;) Sam and I are wondering about learning French now or when we get to Canada?
    Ps. I hear ya on the messy bun!

  8. I have started just telling Mason certain things in both English and Mandarin. But I keep them to mostly "action" things. Such as when I'm feeding him I say something on the lines of "eat your lunch" in both languages. And of course the "I love you"s etc! x

  9. What a wonderful list! I think both French and Spanish will be fun for Clementine! What a joy to know both!

  10. Oh, please come to Scandinavia! Both Copenhagen and Stockholm (where I live) are beatiful cities. I'm a mum to a little boy exactly a year older than your daughter. You have a wonderful year ahead of you!

    1. Oh I want to go to Stockholm so badly! Maybe next year, fingers crossed x

  11. Oooh...languages! We send our two to a language school where they teach 80mins a day of the chosen second language. French is one of those taught (my two do Japanese). They learn it from 3yrs of age (but at only 40mins/day for preschool, transition and kindy - the 80mins starts in Yr1). A language school is a great idea, especially if you can supplement it with the language being spoken at home. I'm jealous!

    So sorry to read about Scout too. Strangely enough one of our cats has been missing since before Christmas. :(

    My recommendation for newborn shoots is this - have a written list of the set-up shots you want to take. Then when you get there, don't feel as if you have to take ANY of them. As soon as you do babe will pick up on your anxiety and start to stress as well. There's also no need to worry about getting the 'curly' pictures if the baby is >10 days old. Happy to give any tips if you have any questions. :)

    1. Oh thank you! I do have another question but I can't find your email...

  12. Gaby, I'm so sorry to hear about Scout. Sending prayers and hoping you find him soon!! What happened?... Glad to hear you've been cooking more, it really makes such a difference doesn't it. And rest up, sounds like your mama schedule is busy! Sending much love!! xoxo

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

  13. We love the Newsroom, so sad when the season finished. Jimmy & I watched it together, date night...kinda xx


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