clementine's memory box

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Last year, while we were in Vancouver, I wrote a bit about memory keeping. Having Clementine really motivated me to get back into the swing of documenting our lives. There is this blog, of course, but it's not quite the same as holding a book of photos in your hands, or reading a handwritten journal. So I made photo books (and continue to make them every few months); I framed family photos and hung them around the house; I got a journal and a baby book and then I decided to make a box. A memory box filled with little things I hope Clementine will always treasure. Inspired by Ronnie, I bought this box from Kikki K. and filled it with:

  1. A journal cross scrapbook that has some words from me, as well as all of your lovely messages of congratulations from here and instagram. To be honest, I struggle to keep on top of this journal which is why I have…
  2. The 'Mom's One Line a Day' journal. Much more manageable!
  3. A baby book. Pretty standard.
  4. A collection of cards we received when Clementine was born.
  5. Her hospital bracelets and a tiny bit of her placenta (yes, seriously).
  6. The invitation to my blessingway.
  7. This photo album. It's still empty, but the idea is that I will fill it with my absolute favourite photos from her first year.


  1. Beautiful, Gaby. I've adored Ronnie's memory box concept for so long now. We have a little wooden box with pieces from our wedding; the programme we hand wrote and illustrated for each of our guests, cards and letters from loved ones, film photographs from the disposable cameras we handed out during the reception as well as the disc of digital images from our photographer. I never got around to writing about that day. I honestly can't wait to create a memory box full of keepsakes and images for our future offspring. xx

  2. We have a memory box too only it's already kind of full and she's not even 2. I just like putting things in it! And we have the bit of skin that falls off when their belly button heals so same kind of deal as the placenta ;)

  3. so cute! I love the idea of a memory box, it's like a little treasure

  4. What a beautiful memento for her to look back over in the years to come. It will be wonderful to see how it grows as she does.


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