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Friday, March 7, 2014

Since she was born, Clementine and I go pretty much everywhere together. To the grocery store, the library, the bank, the beach, the doctor, the park (not to mention those two other continents she visited)… Seriously, everywhere. She's never met a stranger she didn't like, and her curiosity knows no bounds. She is infinitely interested in the world around her, and it's a joy to watch her explore.

People often comment on how independent she is, for a baby. It's true, but it's also true that she loves to be cuddled and held close. It's one of my favourite things about babywearing: the chance for her to feel safe and cozy as she has a look around. The chance for her to learn from ordinary, everyday activities. Like a trip to buy flowers, followed by a stroll through the park. I treasure these moments when we're wandering together. And as much as she is learning every single day, she's also teaching me so much. From big lessons (like patience!) to smaller lessons, like how to find wonder in the simple things… a bunch of sunflowers, the feeling of silk, the storm clouds rolling in. It's a cliché but it's true: children are our greatest teachers.

I'm thrilled to be included in a group of 17 other mums and dads, documenting the art of babywearing for the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries, vol iv. 

I wear Clementine in the essential silk sling in bittersweet/raspberry.

Gui and Michaela Jorge came over and spent an ordinary evening with us, and as always, they captured the magic (up until the very moment the storm began!). Thank you guys so much.


  1. This is so beautiful, Gaby.
    I hope you are enjoying your time with your mum, and I'm kicking myself for not asking you to teach me how to wear Edward in my sling when I saw you on Sunday... Maybe next time. :)
    Ronnie xo

  2. so true they teach us a lot, you start to observe from a different persepective right? beautiful words Gaby!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love seeing parents wearing their babies in such slings - it seems much more practical than a stroller, especially if you live in a big city and have to travel by bus etc ...

    lots of love!


  4. I have so many plans, dreams and hopes.

    And the biggest is having another baby, and then I would wear him/her...
    Also co-sleep, breastfeed as long as I can. Just have a more natural way of being with my child, than I had with my first one.
    Back then I didn't know better, not that it heart her in any way. But I would like a do-over! hehe.

  5. Those sunflowers. That smile.

    You both are beautiful beyond words. Gui has captured you both wonderfully


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