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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Unfortunately, though, we seem to have forgotten silence's value. Our days are so filled with activity, noise, and commotion that we have come to equate sound with life. Little by little we have brought our stereo speakers, telephones, and TVs into every room of the house. And how easily the decibel levels rise! […] But there is intimacy in a whisper, pools of meaning in the empty spaces between our words, sustenance in quiet."

We live in a big, busy city where there seems to be just one pace of life: fast. I'm always struck by this when I go into the city (or downtown, as we North Americans would call it). The traffic, the people and the noise can easily become overwhelming and I immediately find my footsteps quickening and my breathing becoming shallow. Even in our little neighbourhood, there is so much noise and so many distractions.

I think it takes discipline to tune out all of the background noise and make conscious choices about how we spend our time. In our home, the TV stays off most of the day, Clementine only has one toy that makes noise (which is usually switched off) and ever since our landlord sound proofed our windows, our quality of life has improved dramatically.

I find I am so much happier when our days are simple and quiet. When we have time to just be. I never have more than one plan a day, and on at least three days a week we have no plans. We just let the day unfold. It's amazing what happens when we're not dashing from place to place; it gives us the luxury of time. Time to put the baby in a sling and take her for a walk, where we can listen to the eucalyptus leaves rustling in the wind, the waves lapping and the never ending stream of "da, da, dada, da, da, dada dada" coming from the little one.

I'm thrilled to be included in a group of 17 other mums and dads, documenting the art of babywearing for the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries, vol iv. 

I wear Clementine in the simple linen sling in wheat.

I'm so grateful to Luisa Brimble for not only taking these photos but for coming up with the concept for this post as well. Luisa is seriously talented, not only is she an amazing photographer she has also founded a new magazine launching soon, Alphabet Family Journal.


  1. I love how these pictures were taken. And I totally agree with your concept, of slowing things down. And that it takes a good dose of dicipline to go through with it. When you manage, it is so worth it.

  2. Letting the day unfold – for sure the best luxury I can imagine for my daughter. We're trying to do this as often as possible. Love from Switzerland, Karin

  3. I came to your blog from SB's instagram feed because I was struck by how much the quote they shared from this post echoes my own philosophy and feelings about busy schedules! (And I'm a forever fan of Katrina Kenison, too.) Lovely words and pictures.

  4. stunning images, stunning words, stunning mama & bébé! xx

  5. Beautiful photos and words! I am looking to find the self discipline to put the phone down, and connect with my son. It will be much easier as the weather gets nicer and we aren't stuck inside all day. I love your posts! I wear my son in a wrap conversion ring sling, but I really want to try a SB!

  6. Beautiful Gaby! Luisa did such a wonderful job capturing this story for you.

    On a slightly irrelevant note - did you stop past Messina's? I've only been there once but their flavours were heavenly!

  7. Gorgeous Gaby! You, the photos, Clementine. Awwww!! And yes, I can vouch for the same. I'm so fast past when in the city... that's what I love about our little ocean-side suburb, totally calm and quiet. It can't be beat!! xoxo

  8. I can't get enough pictures of you and Clem. She is just so amazing and special. You must love every moment of the day of being her momma.


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