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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Today, while Clementine slept and my husband watched the footy, I sewed. My poor sewing machine has been neglected lately, mostly because I hate cleaning up after myself once I've started a project. Maybe someday I'll have my own dedicated sewing space that can get as messy as I like, but for now, my crafting space is the living room. In our open plan apartment, most everything happens in the living room. But I digress…

With my baby girl's birthday fast approaching (!!!) I decided to make her a birthday crown, à la soulemama. I made a hybrid crown using the pattern in her book The Creative Family as well as this tutorial (such a good one!). As for the decoration, I was inspired by this crown. I had to make the elastic part much, much shorter than both instructions call for because Clementine is a tiny little thing, but I've left it inside of the crown so I can simply unpick one seam and adjust it in years to come. I failed to consider that Clementine doesn't really like wearing things on her head, so now I just hope she'll wear it long enough for me to take a special birthday picture.

Once the crown was done, I moved on to some instant gratification sewing. I've been meaning to make some new placemats for a while now. Ours are old and stained, and once I spotted this fabric at Ikea I knew exactly what to do with it. The construction is really simple; I just cut out 8 rectangles (43cm by 33cm), sewed two rectangles right sides together leaving a gap, turned it right side out and then topstitched around the edge. Even my husband likes them, which is saying something

All in all, a most productive (and happy) day.


  1. What a beautiful afternoon! And what gorgeous creations you've made. Nothing quite beats a potter on the sewing machine. Bet you're mind is racing with ideas now. Hope your week is gorgeous xxx

  2. Oh that crown is so precious. I can't wait to see it on the little princess :)

  3. I loved the sneak peek on Insta and just had to say how much I love that crown. You're so talented!! Plus, yes to having a craft room. Whenever I make jewelry our dining room is overflowing with beads, chain and other things. Haha, Martin's constantly stepping on beads around here! Happiest Sunday! xoxo

  4. Go girl! What a fabulous and productive day you had! That crown is just gorgeous! Think I might have to make a little one for Miss Tallow too. Hope you're having a beautiful week! xx

  5. This this is perfectly gorgeous! A first birthday is just around the corner! x


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