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Thursday, June 19, 2014

I haven't meant to be absent from here for so long. We're in the middle of nap transition hell, and my to do list just keeps growing longer. Times like these, I always opt for a list. This week I am:

  • hoping that Clementine gets back into a good rhythm with napping soon
  • glad that we spent the day at the beach yesterday
  • working on streamlining my yoga class planning process 
  • consumed with all things photography, and reading way too many tutorials from this site
  • hoping to make a hot water bottle cover out of an old sweater
  • coveting this dress
  • trying to take my camera out with me more often in an effort to capture the everyday
  • speaking of, thinking of participating in this project
  • warming my hands with a mug of chai with milk and honey
  • loving her new blog and swooning over her wedding video
  • wondering what to make for dinner tonight, the eternal question
  • listening to The Paper Kites (and Raffi, Clementine's a fan)
  • wishing my bedroom looked like this
  • reading this
  • looking forward to the weekend, when I will make these pancakes (a new Sunday morning tradition)
  • thinking that Kate is pretty damn cool
  • obsessed with this amazing home, which my fellow Offspring fans will surely recognise


  1. Yes! I couldn't relate any more when you said "consumed with all things photography, and reading way too many tutorials". I have been bookmarking everything and anything related to photography. From ISO to the best locations to take photographs.

    Naturally Jes

  2. Love this photo, Gaby!! And best of luck transitioning Clementine. Oh no, really hope that smooths out for you soon!! Plus, what awesome links. I'm now officially obsessed with the tutorials from clickin moms - so good!! xoxo

  3. PS - As for my closet over-haul? Yes, I'm storing + selling the remaining pieces. Craving a fresh start!! xo

  4. Hope Clementine gets back to napping for you in the next few days.
    Catch up soon!
    Ronnie xo

  5. Oh my word. That house is just everything.

    P.S. It's nap transition hell here too. Agh..

  6. Ugh. We are right there with you in naptime hell. Why is it such a difficult transition???


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