Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I don't mean to sound like a broken record here (and it's a refrain that I seem to be hearing from a lot of bloggers) but goodness it's hard finding the time to write, and I'm missing the blogging of yesteryear. In any case, I have a few spare minutes before Clementine gets home and there are lots of bits and pieces I'd like to share. This week I am:

  • pretty sure this is one of the funniest things I have ever seen, closely followed by this
  • planning to take the leap and launch a photography website in the near future
  • excited that Liv has teamed up with Blog Society to host a makeup workshop
  • speaking of workshops, my friend Stella is running the best named workshop ever: Manifest Like a Mofo
  • determined to make this for Clementine, even though I've never knit a sweater before and I am terrified
  • finishing Wild, and wondering if the movie will be any good
  • thinking that both Wild and The Rosie Project (which I recently read) are as good as everyone says
  • grateful that I signed up for this course since the sniffles are back, grrr
  • so sad and disappointed that I can't be at my bestie's wedding next weekend, why does Australia have to be so far away?
  • loving Bon Iver's new song
  • laughing over the fact that my husband and I are now sleeping with separate blankets, but we're both so much warmer!
  • glad that I listened to a recommendation from a friend and watched this wonderful movie
  • needing wanting this bag
  • giggling over these jokes (#2 is my favourite)


  1. Oh I really want to read The Rosie Project. And off to check out the workshop - agreed best named ever :) And yep wishing I could find more time to write too x

  2. Oh start a photography site. That would be wonderful

    Also, I feel like winter brings about tired minds and busy days. I too have been feeling the burden of keeping up with my blog. Relax and come back when it feels right.

  3. I'm with Sam - I would love to see a photography site by you! :)

    Naturally Jes

  4. we sleep with separate blankets too. better sleep is better love. :)


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