these winter days

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

photos by Gui Jorge

These winter days have been so nice. The weather has been absolutely perfect; bright blue skies beckon us outside and we're usually at our local park by 9am. We have been spending so much time outside, mostly because Clementine is at an age where she has energy to burn. If we stay home for too long she very quickly destroys the place and undoes any of my efforts at housekeeping.

Speaking of, the husband and I dropped off another carload of things at the op shop last weekend and it's amazing what a difference it makes. I love the resulting feeling of space, and the fact that it takes half as long to clean up. For the first time ever, we actually have empty drawers. Incredible! Also incredible? Our heater. This is the first Sydney home I've lived in that isn't an absolute freezer come winter. For our apartment's many faults, it is quite toasty and for that I am grateful (especially because that heater becomes an air conditioner in the warmer months).

I have to say, it's totally shallow but I've been quite enjoying dressing Clementine in winter clothes. There is nothing cuter than a toddler all rugged up in bonnets and scarves. Seriously. She's such a lucky girl too, because her grandmother has been spoiling her with handmade accessories that are to die for. It'll be interesting to see how we handle the challenge of dressing for actually cold weather, when we're in Canada later this year. It will be Clementine's first experience of true winter, and my first cold winter in 5 years. I think one of these might be in order.

This week we're seeing friends, working on a very cute sewing project and planning another newborn shoot. When my husband and Clementine get home from the grocery store, we'll settle in for the night. Chicken congee for her, and miso-curry pumpkin (from this favourite cookbook) for us for dinner. Later tonight I'll have a bath (my muscles are achy from chasing a toddler all day) and then we'll watch Masterchef and eat ice cream. Have a good night everyone!


  1. Clementine looks adorable! Glad the winter season has been mild :)

  2. You make congee! Very impressed. :)
    Reminds me that we should make it too. So nice for winter...
    Ronnie xo

  3. Toddlers in winter clothes are so super cute! Aren't the blue-skied days amazing... we too are outside a lot, breathing the healthy cool air, stomping in mud puddles and throwing rocks as far as we can into our creek. Happy days indeed. Linda. x

  4. LOVE how you dress clementine. is her bonnet handmade? she is beautiful!

  5. Mason loves chicken congee! I've been putting extra ginger in to help relieve a slight cold.

  6. such cute pictures, & her name is adorable. i love it. there really is nothing better than a baby all bundled up :)

  7. Clementine is precious! Her little shoes are so cute!


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