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Thursday, August 21, 2014

I have a couple of photos in the latest issue of Australian Yoga Journal (the chai article) / My new website

I've always been the girl with a camera glued to my face. When I first went to Europe on a high school exchange, I came back with thousands of photos, and that was before digital. I took some courses and got to know my way around a darkroom, and then, my dad gave me a DSLR for my birthday/Christmas. I took so many photos that first winter with my Nikon. I literally have albums upon albums filled with pictures of Scout.

I kept shooting, but never really got to know my camera and all it was capable of. In the last couple of years, I've made it my mission to change that. I switched to Canon, did a workshop, picked other photographers' brains, and practiced, practiced, practiced. I've spent the last year doing maternity, newborn and family sessions for friends, and now those friends are recommending me to their friends. It's wonderful, but also a bit scary to all of a sudden be declaring myself a photographer. I know I still have a lot to learn, but I feel that way about most things in life, and so I won't let it stop me.

All that to say that I have a new website, hooray! It's a place dedicated to my photography, complete with a blog of its own. The design is simple and it's easy to navigate, which is just what I wanted. I have my brilliant friend Alanna to thank for it.

I'm happy to say that I'm now available for maternity, newborn and family shoots. Feel free to get in touch with any questions or to book a session.


  1. It's beautiful, Gaby! I love the name too. :)
    Ronnie xo

  2. Gaby, I just took a look. Your photos are beautiful. Congratulations!

  3. Your new website is just lovely. Good luck with the new photography venture. I look forward to watching it take shape.

    I feel like I am about a year or so behind you. Still trying to work out if I can really be a photographer or not and worried about taking that final leap.

    Judging by the shots that you take on your blog I think you are more than ready to call yourself a photographer.


  4. Gaby, congrats!! The new site is beautiful and how wonderful to have your work featured in a magazine too! So very proud of you!!! xoxo

  5. Beautiful site, Gaby! Your work is so genuine and lovely, congratulations!

  6. Congratulations! Your site is beautiful. Linda. x

  7. That's amazing, congratulations! :)

  8. Your photos are stunning! I also love having my camera at my side and I'm eager to learn more about the technical side! Beautiful new web site.

  9. Like they say, practice makes perfect. :)!

  10. Gaby, you ARE a photographer! And a great one too.
    Congratulations on being published. x


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