anatomy of a rainy day

Monday, August 18, 2014

1) Endless cups of tea.   2) A basket full of toys.   4) Homemade chocolate cake. Just 'cause.   5) A stack of books.   6) Not pictured - the many, many episodes of Peppa Pig that Clementine watched.

Our winter has been a mild one. We've had hardly any rain, so most days we just rug up and go outside to play. Yesterday was the first day it was raining so hard that I wondered how I would survive the day inside with my rambunctious toddler. Between endless cups of tea and the baking of a chocolate cake (just because I felt like it), we played with new to us toys and read a pile of books. Thank goodness for our local library; we were at the doors when they opened and came home with a pram full of goodies. Of course, toys and books will only entertain so long, so it was a relief when the sun came out in the afternoon.

Today was much the same but we headed further afield to check out an indoor trampoline park. It wore Clementine out (success!) and was surprisingly fun for my husband and I. It brought me back to my gymnast days, and I flipped and flopped with glee. After an hour we were feeling so cheerful and energised, amazing what some bouncing can do for your mood!

If there are any North American/European moms reading, can you please tell me how you survive the winter months with a toddler???


  1. Autumn just started over here, it's been raining for a week and I'd give anything for that homemade chocolate cake you've got there! But I've got sweet potato fries in the oven and a feeling the boy is going to bring me a carrot cake muffin, so I should embrace the weather and check your blog more often aaaah! I feel like I've missed so so much! Lots of love (to Clem as well!)

  2. Gaby - just stumbled across your new photography website and I am so impressed! You are doing so well :) and the slight blog modifications on here are great too. Super mum you are!

    Hope you all are staying warm and dry x

  3. This is a great post! Love rainy days :)

  4. We make sure to go outside every single day here. Even in the heaviest rain I bundle the girls up and get outside for a bit only returning to the warm inside when we're wet and muddy. Colouring in and watercolours feature heavily here for inside fun and luckily our sitting room is large enough that the balance bike can be ridden around when things get really desperate!!!

    Peppa Pig never goes astray either ha ha! Hope you're well, Linda. x

  5. That pretty much looks like the perfect cup of tea...
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. Lovely new look, Gaby!

  6. Well I am extremely impressed by how much beautiful light you manged to bring into a dreary day. Gorgeous pics, Gaby.

    I agree with Ronnie - it's lovely over here with your new dress on. Very you.


  7. Tea, chocolate cake, and a book (and some TV) on a rainy day. A match made in heaven!


  8. It rains so much here in Ireland! You could make playdough with Clementine or do simple art activities such as sticking cut out magazine pictures into a scrapbook or use her baby photos to make a book all about her - toddlers love hearing about themselves! We also do a lot of painting and reading and jigsaws...

  9. We just bundle the kids up and go outside! Nothing wears out a toddler like playing in the snow by minus 30 Celcius!!

  10. No better way to spend a rainy day! Bec x |

  11. Oh my goodness, we were living in Montreal when we had our 2 oldest kids, and let's talk about house arrest in the winter! Some days were just too bitterly cold to leave and others we just bundled them within an inch of their lives and went out. I remember a lot of messy fun play at home -- sorting, pouring rice/water/dried pasta, throwing all the paper from the shredder like confetti... Living in Vancouver for us was the same, but at least there you have to deal with the rain and get on with it. Needless to say, we had our 3rd child in Austin, TX and our 4th baby most recently here in Santa Barbara, Cali. I refuse to live in winter ever again! ;)

  12. I'm in the Pacific Northwest, and we survive winter by suiting up and just going out! I love the rain gear and wollens from Sofee and Lenee shop! That and lots of hot chocolate and storytimes.


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