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Friday, December 5, 2014

Two weeks ago, we left the sweltering Sydney summer for the icy cold winter that is Vancouver in December. I'm sure it'll come as no surprise if I tell you that the longhaul flight here with a toddler was rough, as was the ensuing jetlag. But now that we're more settled, we are just so happy to be here. We're soaking up all of the goodness that this city has to offer at this time of year. My husband keeps exclaiming, "I feel like I'm in a Christmas movie!" and I couldn't agree more. The 3rd night we were here, we ducked out for a quick drink at a local restaurant. There was a roaring fire, a Christmas tree in the corner, hockey playing on TV and a menu of festive cocktails (hello eggnog and rum!). You could not wipe the grin off my face.

Since then we've taken Clementine on the Christmas train at Stanley Park, gone to the Vinyl Cafe Christmas concert, and spent a few days at a ski resort. The best kind of winter fun.

Of course, the main reason we're here is to spend time with family and friends and that has been wonderful. Last time we were in Vancouver, Clementine was a newborn and it was difficult to do anything. We had this huge list of things we wanted to do here, and managed almost none of them. This trip has been completely different. We've been able to see family and friends, do festive/wintery things AND get to lots of yoga classes. It's been awesome.

p.s. home for the summer


  1. Oh this is so amazing, Gaby. There truly is nothing like being at home! Especially during this time of year. Vancouver looks and sounds divine. It's on my list of places to go! Enjoy, and happy holidays!

  2. Canada really is a magical place during Christmas season, I, like your husband feel like I'm in a movie all the time! hehehe...glad to hear your having a nice time ;)

  3. such a beautiful city. but i hope you stay warm up there. have a lovely weekend

  4. What a blessing for your little family to travel "home" to Canada! How my heart leaps with joy and my mind is filled with warm, lovely memories when I see that Canadian flag! I pray your family in Canada is well Gabby! I'm sure they were thrilled to see sweet Clementine once again!

  5. I know my family really wants to visit Canada and to be honest I think it would be amazing too. Although I would love to travel to so many places around the world. It's crazy - the amount of wanderlust I have. But I doubt I am the only one.

    Beautiful photographs nevertheless, especially of the mountains! x


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